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Zuma Gets A Clear Mandate On The Secret Ballot Motion

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Truth always prevails and it is clearly evident in case of the South African President Jacob Zuma’s secret ballot win when the ANC MPs stood united in support of the president during the no-confidence motion in Parliament today. A clear mandate for Zuma has proved that the true ideology of ANC is still intact, which is ‘Unity’.

#WMC had pumped in massive amount of money by roping other political parties such as DA and EFF into its sole agenda of creating a ‘secret ballot no-confidence motion’ scenario. Even its propaganda machine #white media was highly engaged into creating and spreading such a hype to vote against Zuma. But despite such effort and money invested, #WMC ultimately couldn’t break the integrity of ANC and of Zuma to the slightest, thus resulting in its loss.

WMC’s Long-lived Desperate Measures To Oust Zuma Goes In Vain

Well, #WMC has touched every low in the quest of toppling the Zuma government and defame him with the every possible propaganda at their disposal. They have tried it through their corrupt business lobby, and their controlled #whitemedia, but failed in each one of their immoral efforts. Speaking of the one of the unnecessary yet overly-hyped agenda of the white media, no one can forget the fake propaganda of #Statecapture in which Zuma was indicted of giving preferential treatment to the Guptas. Whitemedia had intentionally created the hype just because Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma was one of the board of Directors of the Gupta organisation.

Apart from this, quoting other malicious efforts orchestrated by #WMC hand-in-glove with their all propaganda machines—

Serena Polana Hotel Conspiracy led by Johann Rupert & WMC members

#WMC had organized several secret meetings at Polana Serena Hotel, Maputo, Mozambique with the agenda of breaking the ANC integrity by buying their MPs who would vote against Zuma for the no-confidence motion. The prominent members of WMC who had frequently attended the secret caucus are Johann Rupert, former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, Robert Gumede, David Mabuza, Mathews Phosa to name a few.

Pravin Gordhan’s conspiracy led by Johann Rupert to form SaveSA party

As Pravin Gordhan has always been one of the prominent members of #WMC, he has been handed over the task to bribe and intimate the MPs of ANC to realize the #WMC’s dream of toppling the incumbent government during today’s no-confidence motion through secret ballot. By buying MPs to his side, Pravin Gordhan has also been rigorous in forming a new pro-white political party ‘SaveSA’ which would stand up against ANC in the forthcoming 2019 national elections.

The Reason Behind WMC’s Constant Desperation To Oust Zuma

Johann Rupert led #WMC has always been well acquainted with the fact that their illegal business activities and oppressive agenda against natives can’t stand long because of the pro-black policies of Zuma government and that Zuma is taking every step possible to free SA from the evil clutches of the whites. So, out of desperation and to maintain their supremacy, they had to undertake certain measures to topple the Zuma government for their safe existence in SA. This desperation has led to a spree of continuous attacks against Zuma with the help of their propaganda. In this process, they have challenged the Zuma government’s credibility many times by primarily inciting many no-confidence motions (including today’s) against the president, and fortunately Zuma has won them every single time, thus proving his popularity and love of the SA natives towards their president.

Here are a few pro-native measures of taken by Zuma, thus posing an existential threat to the Whites:

  •    In an attempt to achieve economic independence in South Africa, Jacob Zuma went one step ahead in becoming the part of BRICS, rather than be the part of some west monopolistic institutions. He just wanted a create an economy which represents the economic rights of the native blacks.
  •    West has always been considering the blacks as third-class citizens, so has their judiciary. So in the attempt to create a non-partisan judicial system for cases pertinent to the natives of South Africa, he had withdrawn his association with the Kangaroo court, the International Criminal Court.
  •    He sacked the most favorite conspirer of #WMC, Pravin Gordhan from the ministry of finance when he sensed the former finance minister’s unconditional allegiance to the white supremacy at the expense of the loot of National Treasury.

It feels good to know that the flagbearer of Radical economic transformation is once again leading us to prosperity. And we will always support our president through all thicks and thins.

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  • Clara

    Another victory of President Zuma is a sign of good fortune that command of South Africa is in the hands of deserving and dedicated leader.