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‘WMCLeaks’ Being Openly Harassed By White Monopoly Capital

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In the light of recent incidents, we have learned a lesson that truth always comes with a price. Indicates our war of truth which we have raged against WMC and its stooges over their malicious agenda and fake propagandas against all those who have the guts to stand up against it, we have paid a price of – our website’s twitter account deliberately getting suspended and receiving a series of cyber attacks.

Declaration: Apart from our very own WMC leaks twitter account, we are NOT associated with any other twitter personas whatsoever, as specified on some of the white media websites.

White’s Intentional Bullying is our Win

The top white media journalists are celebrating our twitter account suspension right now, as they consider this our defeat. But actually, they have proved a point that we are heading towards the right direction in favor of the blacks. We are aware of the fact that we don’t have that big resource pool to counter the white media’s bully mentality. And that is the reason WMC leaks have not revealed its identity yet. But in case, any formal investigation place on us, we are open to reveal our identity and justify our causes.

The white media has been trying to defame us by associating us with the Guptas (corporate), BLF (Black first land first, a socialist party in South Africa) and trying to create propaganda where we are working on their payroll.

We strongly say it once and for all that we are NOT associated with either the Guptas or the BLF.

And regarding your constant vigil to reveal our identity, we are a team who completely supports the native blacks, and the well-being of the nation is a well-enough description of our identity. Or in case, if we had revealed our identity, then we had to face the brunt of your harassment at the starting of our journey.

We Dare White Media To Respond To Our Questions

Though, the white media is behaving like they have unchallenged supremacy and they are not answerable to anyone but #WMC, we have some questions which we dare them to answer in the capacity of objectivity or else we will come out really hard on them with more such exposes.

Q1) Why is white media targeting #WMCleaks? What does it want to prove by trying to hack our website and deliberately getting our twitter account suspended?

Q2) Why hasn’t anyone investigated the ‘Peter Bruce’ story which we had uploaded with proper proof? Rather than blaming us for privacy interference, why hasn’t the media not publicized the fake story as they usually do for the blacks?

Q3) Why hasn’t amaBhungane not worked itself up on the high profile involvement of ‘Peter Bruce’ as the chief lobbyist behind NATO’s destruction of Libya? Why hasn’t Scorpio taken up the case?

Q4) Why hasn’t amaBhungane started investigating on the National Treasury – IFMS scandal which is close to around R4.3 billion corruption under the expert guidance of Mr, Pravin Gordhan?

Q5) Why hasn’t the white media asked its evilish investigative agencies to look into the case of Solly Mapaila and his wife, who are the chief lobbyists of #WMC? As a high profile case of economy capture, it needs immediate and thorough investigation.

Q6) What is the deal of Deputy Governor of SARB ‘Kuben Naidoo’ with the #WMC? Why is not allowing any black led banks to be established in South Africa?

Q7) What’s the role of Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer, the richest men of our country, in the economy capture of South Africa?

WMCLeaks knows that White Monopoly Capital is not going to stop these activities and propaganda against us as long as we keep raising our voice against the discrimination of blacks by the whites. We, as a team and as saviours of the black empowerment, pledge to the South African public to be always true to our hearts and our voice.

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  • Sean Goss

    Well said ..

  • Clara

    WMC is a powerful union, whosoever will raise voice against them will be threatened “By hook or by crook” so, beware wmcleaks may come under the radar.

  • Tina D .Poland

    There are many untold truth that needs to be told to the people of South Africa. One of them is the richest of South Africans are most corrupt, they never came into the highlights, Christoffel Wiese once caught in the London airport carrying millions of cash and revenue services imposed fine of 2 billion for tax invasion. So they are corrupt in another way.

  • Nosicelo Mntumni

    Another protestor gets a hard blow by Whites. #WMCleaks who is trying to expose white with full-proof documents harassed by white media by suspending their twitter accounts. No one can escape the wrath of #WMC. All the best #wmcbosses because it is doubtful that #WMCleaks will stop exposing you.