About WMC Leaks Team

Who are we & Why WMC Leaks

Under the great socio-economic transformation in South Africa and an ideal vision of radical economic transformation, the country needs to open the door for inclusive growth of economy and development. At this juncture, the oligopoly state of limited competition and dominance of fewer firms gripping a larger economy has created the monopoly across the nation.

These fewer yet powerful firms have large stakes over nation’s domestic economy and control over land, government policies, infrastructure, and ongoing corruption. This economic situation can be term as a ‘White Monopoly Capitalism’ in the country.

During this extreme capitalist and anarchist situation where South Africa is going through many internal disputes, the white capital monopolists across all sectors are taking advantage of this situation. So in order to end this continual state of oppression, we are missioned to reveal some exclusive leaks about the misdoings of the white capitalists and hope they are brought to justice in a right way soon.

Not a big team, no big names. We will write what normal South Africans feel.

Feel Free to motivate & guide us with your comments.