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WMC Ally Adriaan Basson’s False Claims About Jacob Zuma and State Capture Exposed

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In the opinion dated 24th October 2016, exactly one year ago from this date Adriaan Basson a WMC lobbyist had falsely alleged that Jacob Zuma was trying to engage in state capture. Since then there has been a concrete effort by Basson to defame Jacob Zuma in a series of articles. In this opinion piece he set the tone to unleash a dangerous false propaganda against Jacob Zuma. He even alleged a nexus between Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family and went on to repeat his baseless rants that there was no hope for the people of South Africa. Given the constant false attacks of the white media and the WMC lobby against Jacob Zuma under the false pretext of state capture, we wish to share some pieces of information that prove that Basson and his white media colleagues do not have the best interests of South Africa on their minds.

Adriaan’s Cooked Up Story on Meeting Between Jacob Zuma and Shaun Abrahams

Just how good is Adriaan Basson at cooking up stories. It is one thing for the press to be free in order to operate impartially and without fear, but a completely different one to raise questions on a meeting between the President and Shaun Abrahams, the current NDPP. Abraham’s answer that he was there at Luthuli House to meet the ministers of state security, justice, social development and the President was given political colours by WMC lobbyist Adriaan Basson.

Is the President supposed to take permission from the white media representatives on discharging his duties? Does Basson allege that the minister of state security, the minister of social development, the minister of justice and the President are on the same page politically? If the answer to this is yes, it must be bad news for someone like Basson that has dedicated his entire life to and made a career out of fabricating stories that Zuma is alone and that nobody wants him. Truth be told that Basson is alone and nobody wants or believes him.

Silence of Adriaan and White Media on the Nexus Between Ramaphosa and a String of WMC Corporations

Basson has really worked hard in mud racking false tirades against Zuma and the Gupta family. Yet one fails to understand his silence on the nexus between his favourite Cyril Ramaphosa and corporations that represent the white monopoly capital lobby. Why does Adriaan Basson’s investigative journalism turn a blind eye to  the facts on Cyril Ramaphosa’s partnership in crime with the big corporations that represent the white monopoly capital in South Africa. It is great that he has penned a book by compiling all his petty bluffs on Jacob Zuma but his silence on the equity investments and share holdings of Cyril Ramaphosa in McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and others proves that he is a bare faced liar. Today we ask Basson if he has succumbed to any political pressuring from Ramaphosa to remain silent? Is Adriaan Basson on the payroll of Ramaphosa for letting him abscond?

Busting Basson’s Myth of State Capture and Acknowledging the Achievements of Jacob Zuma

Adriaan Basson and his white media colleagues are running short of options. His much used verbatim of state capture has not yielded the result he desired. There are many high points in the illustrious career of Jacob Zuma. White media accomplices like Adriaan Basson shall do well to publicly acknowledge at least the following:

  • For the first time in the history of South Africa, a Chief Procurement Office at the National Treasury was set up under the leadership of Jacob Zuma. The establishment of the Chief Procurement Office has led to savings of millions of rands. While there is an entire team that owns the credit, it is important to recognize this attempt to build transparency and accountability, thanks to President Jacob Zuma.
  • For the first time in the history of South Africa, the government has focused on a cost effective clean energy policy by aiming to install 500,000 solar geysers. Beyond doubt it is the household sector that stands to gain the most from the large scale adoption of solar energy.
  • In the year 2004, South Africa under the leadership of Jacob Zuma initiated the ARV (Antiretroviral Program) for free treatment of HIV. The effort has been acknowledged internationally. This bears the testimony to the good work done by Jacob Zuma.

It does not take much effort to recognize the efforts that Jacob Zuma has invested in building social overhead capital for South Africa. Unfortunately WMC stooges like Adriaan Basson and his white media colleagues turn a blind eye to these achievements and continue to rake up false allegations against Jacob Zuma while ignoring state capture by culprits like Cyril Ramaphosa.

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  • Mark D. Mobley

    Adriaan Basson started to cook stories. Well now that is something new to do.

  • Tina D. Poland

    Adriaan Basson and his other white media friends have put blind fold on their eyes. Why can’t you guys see all the great work done by Jacob Zuma?

  • Clara

    Stop blaming Jacob Zuma for something he never did. All you need to do is open your eyes and look around. Maybe you could get an idea of Zuma’s Work.

  • mphafane.bosch

    President Jacob Zuma is people’s President. He works for black natives and not like Cyril Ramaphosa who sold himself to Johann Rupert and other WMC people.

  • Mouton

    It seems like Adriaan Basson is scared of the work that President Zuma is doing and maybe that is why he keeps blaming him with false allegations to manipulate people?