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WMC Adds Yet Another R1.75 bn To Its Corruption Wealth; OUTA Wins Court Case

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White Monopoly Capital’s virtual yet powerful presence across the economy of South Africa is quite infamous, but most recently its wicked stronghold on the entire SA judicial system has become very prominent. It seems as if appointing judges and advocates in any court case in order to win is just a piece of cakewalk for WMC. OUTA winning an interim to freeze the Oakbay Investments R1.75bn funds on September 26 was a melodramatic drama staged by WMC’s goons in a WMC managed court.

WMC Artistically Adds R1.75bn To Its Corruption Wealth Through Mine Rehabilitation Funds

Anti-corruption advocacy group, the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) on September 26 won an urgent interim to freeze R1.75bn in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, in the mine rehabilitation funds from two Oakbay Investment owned coal mines. The interim order of the court directs the Bank of Baroda to continue to hold the trust funds of the Optimum Mine Rehabilitation Trust and the Koornfontein Mine Rehabilitation Trust till further directions from the court or until December 7, the judgement day fixed by the court.

Thereby circumspectly, WMC would be entitled to utilise the funds which are safely lying in the custody of Bank of Baroda at the moment to supplement its own stimulus. WMC evidently managed to use OUTA as a tool framing out a road to win the court case without any contradictions from the Oakbay Investment Group.

OUTA’s Unopposed Win Shows The Genuine Concern Of Guptas Towards Their Employees

OUTA wins the court case unopposed. This shows that the Guptas are not money minded and they had a clear intention to invest this rehabilitation fund for the welfare of the South African natives. They have been silently working out strategies to organise funds for their employees, whereas OUTA vehemently blamed the Guptas of siphoning the money after the court order.

Now that WMC has succeeded in its venture of squeezing out the Guptas from the economy, it waits to see what all tantrums it still has in its plates to make the SA natives’ lives a living hell.

R1.75bn To Be Mechanically Diverted To Fund The WMC National Elections

As per our trusted sources, this money is planned to be soon diverted to the WMC’s national elections venture in 2019, where a political party ‘SaveSA’ is expected to come into existence led by Pravin Gordhan who might be contesting for 2019 presidential elections. If not a new political party, WMC is expected to fund Cyril Ramaphosa’s bid for the Presidential candidature.

WMC has planned everything strategically, initially in early 2017, it went on to close all Oakbay Investment Group’s accounts with four major white banks and advised Bank of Baroda to follow the same route. BOB resisted and  frankly determined to continue until any legal evidences were proved against the Oakbay Investments.

WMC through their stooges, Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel decided to banish and desolate the Guptas, the owners of Oakbay Investment Group, by announcing negative influences through WMC media propaganda on this bank. Manoj Jha, a WMC sell-out employee of Bank of Baroda and Trevor’s partner-in-crime provided all confidential information of the Oakbay investments to WMC and concurrently managed to convince Bank of Baroda SA senior management to adhere to Trevor’s solicitation for the closure of Oakbay accounts  for their  smooth existence in South Africa.

Our conscience makes us presume that December 7, the ‘Funds Fate Day’, is merely a date showcased to gain sympathy from the SA natives. WMC’s intentions are clear. They have succeeded in squeezing out Gupta’s from the economy and now the ball is in there court. As for funds they would utilise them whenever they feel the need.

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