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White Media Neglects Sikhakhane, KPMG & Kroon Committee Reports To Rescue Pravin Gordhan

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Giving the special treatment to the WMC dignitaries Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel by covering up all their illicit deeds, especially in their case of the ‘Rogue Unit’ implication, the white media has time and again proved its unprecedented devotion towards WMC. In fact, the media has been circulating the whole scenario as if Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel were actually unaware of the ‘Rogue Unit’ existence in SARS.

Further into this current KPMG debacle scenario, where the audit company, a while back, had negated its own SARS report calling it to be a mistake, and had publicly apologized Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel for implicating them in this Rogue unit case, a few important aspects need thorough introspection; Why has KPMG suddenly withdrawn its SARS report at the same time when the HAWKS and NPA had called Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel for questioning regarding the ‘Rogue Unit’ case? Why is the white media constantly defending Pravin Gordhan by neglecting high-profile evidences such as Sikhakhane report, KPMG report, Judge Kroon commission report etc.?

White Media’s Disregard to Sikhakhane ‘Rogue Unit’ Report

In August 2014, Mr. Ivan Pillay, the then acting commissioner authorized an investigation led by Adv Sikhakhane SC in order to investigate allegations that the SARS ran a ‘Rogue Unit’. The Sikhakhane Commission delivered a report on November 5th 2014 with serious conclusions and recommendations.

The report recommended that SARS indeed ran an unlawful rogue unit led by Mr Pillay as well as some insidious and gross misconduct committed by both Mr. Peter Richer and Mr Loggenberg. These three individuals were charged as a result of the Sikhakhane report and instead of facing the case hearings, all three preferred to resign from their posts. Mr Loggerenberg resigned in February 2015 followed by Mr Pillay and Richer resigning in May 2015. Mr. Pillay’s resignation led to the appointment of Mr. Tom Moyane as the SARS commissioner.

Now the real question arises as to why the white media never raised any questions on the abrupt resignations of Mr. Pillay, Mr Pete Richer and Mr Loggenberg which ultimately led these three individuals  to escape being investigated. Only one reason can be sufficed from all of this, they were the closest friends of Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel.

So in order to divert the entire focus from the above people, the white media is busy reporting that the Sikhakhane report to be completely flawed. Here are some of the white media stooges spreading false propaganda:

Pauli Van Wyk: Journalist with @DailyMaverick’s investigative team, #Scorpio. Former journalist at @MailandGuardian & Media24; @amaBhungane fellow.



eNCA News:

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Judge Kroon Committee Found Traces of ‘Rogue Unit’; White Media Neglects

Following the Sikhakhane report which had serious conclusions and recommendations on the actual presence of a rogue unit in SARS, on 28th Feb 2015, the then Finance Minister, Mr Nene established a SARS Advisory Board, which was chaired by the retired Judge Kroon who prioritized to look into the SARS processes based on the Sikhakhane report investigation. And much to the dismay of Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel, Judge Kroon committee found the presence of the secret unit within SARS in 2007 which covertly gathered intelligence, thus making it unlawful. The Board went further to instruct SARS to charge employees involved and open criminal charge against those implicated in this act of crime.

Such a high-profile case which was judged by the experts, thus concluding the actual presence of a ‘rogue unit’, was deliberately set aside by the white media calling it a copycat of the Sikhakhane report. All this pain was taken by the white media only to divert criminal attention from Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel. Here are some of the instances where the white media had disgraced the Kroon committee report:

Pauli Van Wyk: Journalist with @DailyMaverick’s investigative team, #Scorpio. Former journalist at @MailandGuardian & Media24; @amaBhungane fellow.


Ferial Haffajee: Editor-at-large; Huffington Post SA./Researcher and communications lead, PARI (http://www.pari.org.za )/ Editor, ANCIR (http://investigativecenters.org )


Pauli Van Wyk:


Stephen Grootes: Politics addict. Host of the Midday Report on 702 and Cape Talk. Writer for The Daily Maverick.


White Media Discredits KPMG Report to Defend Pravin Gordhan

As the presence of a ‘Rogue unit’ was validated by both Sikhakhane report and Judge Kroon committee report, SARS very seriously pursued a 3rd investigation done by renowned global audit firm KPMG. The SARS Rogue Unit Report prepared by KPMG was handed over to SARS in late 2015 which got finalized in January 2016. This report also led to serious implications on the presence of such an illegal unit, and that Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel were actually aware of that.

A major twist to the KPMG report came in Sept 2017 when KPMG SA released a public statement about withdrawing its SARS report and calling it a mistake. It also publicly apologized to Pravin Gordhan for implicating him in the report.

This whole scenario revolved at the set time when HAWKS & the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) had launched an investigation against Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel regarding the Rogue unit case.

With all these scenarios sufficing Pravin’s criminality, the white media has been really active to defend its boss at all costs. Here are some of the scenarios:

Aleg Hogg : Publisher of http://Biznews.com , financial writer and broadcaster, business keynote speaker.


eNCA News:


Pauli Van Wyk : Journalist with @DailyMaverick’s investigative team, #Scorpio. Former journalist at @MailandGuardian & Media24; @amaBhungane fellow.


Dailymaverick News:

In a Nutshell

The white media’s intentional motive to support and save Pravin Gordhan against the 3 massive blocks – Sikhakhane Report, Kroon Committee Report & KPMG Report shows its sheer dedication towards its bosses. So an important message from the natives of SA to the white media and WMC as a whole:

“South Africa is fed up with your evil antics, and if these agendas of yours don’t stop immediately, we will keep exposing your real faces time and again for the whole world to witness.”

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  • Morongwa Mohale

    The public must know the truth about Gordhan’s involvement. Why is the white media on his favour? Has there been any transactions between him and Rupert?

  • Nosicelo Mntumni

    It is a matter of concern, what compelled a designated and worldwide recognized audit firm KPMG to negate its own report of SARS which proved the illegal operations of Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel. Certainly, the white lobby is behind this roll-back and if they are exercising this much of influence, they will surely recall the days of the Apartheid era in the future course.

  • Helen R. Miller

    The Sikhakhane report and an audit report of KPMG on the misdeeds of SARS can’t implicate the WMC ministers, like Pravin Gordhan and Pravin Gordhan, then who the hell is in the nation, can prove these charges on them. Sorry, but we are slowly losing our trust in the judiciary as well.

  • Mark D. Mobley

    Yes, white media is master of cover-up, but sometimes shrewdness beyond a limit is foolery, which is clearly evident in this case where white media is outrightly rejecting Sikhakhane report, KPMG report, and Judge Kroon commission report.

  • Tina D. Poland

    This case has been become more than a mere threat for WMC, as their threatening nature has exposed and now the top brass have come to the rescue for their threatening image.

  • Mark D. Mobley

    When nothing is wrong with the WMC and if it has done no wrong with the Oakbay investment by closing their bank accounts, then why the whole lobby is in the defensive mode.