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Truths About Volkskapitalisme That WMC Tycoon Johann Rupert Will Never Admit

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Richemont Corporation Chairman Johann Rupert and his white media spokesperson Tim Cohan’s recent outbursts against RET have more than what meets the eye. What they did not utter in their false tirades against the policy of initiative of RET being pursued by the ANC under the leadership of Jacob Zuma is that they worship the Volks-kapitalisme concept. Volkskapitalisme dates back to the sixteenth century and was based on land grab, forced religious conversions of the blacks by the Dutch Reformed Church and state capture by the Afrikaners. The analysis of this retrospective allows us to understand the deep rooted hatred that Johann Rupert, the WMC and the white media have towards the native black community and explains the rationale behind their malicious campaign to derail RET by calling it “a code word for theft”.

Retracing the Massacre of Ethnic Blacks and Land Grab in South Africa : Essential Volkskapitalisme

The Volkskapitalisme is more than mere intellectual jargon that was popularized by eminent historian Prof. Dan O’Meara. Volkskapitalisme has been rooted in the psyche of the white Afrikaners community and the likes of the Rupert family since the first conquests of South Africa by the Dutch.

  • Land Acquisition and Capital Accumulation by Afrikaners and the British

At the heart of Volkskapitalisme is land acquisition that saw the native blacks of South Africa being uprooted in the battle between the Afrikaners community of Dutch origin and the British East India Company in the Boers Wars. The native black like the Zulus were massacred at times by the Dutch and then by the British. It was a contest for land between the Afrikaners and the British that pushed the blacks to the receiving end. While eventually the British overpowered the Dutch origin Afrikaners, the blacks actually got sandwiched between both sides. Afrikaners benefited from their fair share of the land grab. Estates, farm houses, mansions and factories, mines and mineral ores were gifts that the first generation Afrikaners passed on to their successive generations. It is on this legacy of land grab inherited by the Afrikaners, that the modern day empire of WMC stooges like Johann Rupert has emerged.

  • Murder of Native Blacks by the Afrikaners on the Pretext of Religion

“They came with a gun in one hand and the Bible in the other.” These words that appear in the acclaimed documentary ‘The End of Poverty’ are representative of the murder and violence inflicted on native blacks by the Dutch Reformed Church. The Dutch Reformed Church, the leading light of the Afrikaners Volkskapitalisme, preached the ‘Divine Right Theory’ that it was the will of God that the Afrikaners settle down in South Africa and rule over the land of South Africa based on the Afrikaans language, white racial supremacy and the dominance of their swords. The Battle of the Blood River, the conquests of the Voortrekkers and the commemoration of the Day of the Vow on December 16 until 1994 bear testimony to the destruction unleashed by the Afrikaners on the native blacks. People like Tim Cohan and Johan Rupert are the successors and torch bearers of that plunder.

  • State Capture by the Afrikaners Business Community Over Centuries

The first phase of capital accumulation was through direct military conquest that gave the Afrikaners a permanent land settlement in South Africa. Land was the first form of state capture. In fact the capital of South Africa, Pretoria is named after Andries Pretorius, one such eminent leader of the white Afrikaners in the Battle of Blood River.

The second phase of state capture began with the forced conversion of the blacks to Christianity and the imposition of the Afrikaans language in several areas of South Africa. In fact even as late as the eighties decade in the twentieth century , universities like the Stellenbosch University allowed only Afrikaans as the medium of teaching and formal instruction.

The third stage of state capture began with the handing over of large state contracts to the Afrikaners owned corporations like Naspers, Sanlam, Volkskas and the Rupert family. By the time Johann Rupert took over the reins of the family business in 1996, it was already worth $ 10 billion. For Tim Cohan and his white media colleagues to ignore this fact is nothing short of hypocrisy. It was at this time that the WMC took shape from the foetus of the Volkskapitalisme.

Madeba’s Dream of a Rainbow Nation and The Importance of RET Under Jacob Zuma

When South Africa achieved independence from apartheid in 1994, Madiba had outlined his dream of a rainbow nation. The path to the achievement of a rainbow nation was RET. By pursuing the RET, Jacob Zuma is only proving that he is a man true to his salt.

The conflict between native blacks and the white Afrikaners immigrants has led to the formation of the rainbow nation. This is precisely what Prof. Samuel Huntington of Harvard University calls “The Clash of Civilizations.” The white media and the WMC will never admit that WMC is the child born out of the foetus of the Volkskapitalisme. The rainbow nation is not as colourful as it sounds.

The economic rationale behind Jacob Zuma pursuing the RET lies in the scary experience of the blacks with laissez faire capitalism. Free market economy has led to free loot of blacks over centuries. When Johann Rupert, Tim Cohan and the white media allege RET to be state theft, they are essentially opposed to losing out on the legacy of white monopoly capital that their forefathers had earned through loot and plunder of the blacks. Economic growth based on percolation theory can lead to wealth creation, but not equitable distribution of the wealth. The deep fissures in South African economy owing to the Volkskapitalisme need state capitalism filling. The public sector needs to deploy economic planning, capital outlay and modern management under state supervision for job creation and uplift of blacks from poverty. It needs land redistribution as well. Grabbing land from the filthy rich Afrikaans and redistributing it among the blacks shall ensure horizontal and vertical equity. Johann Rupert and his white monopoly capital lobby are the robber barons of South Africa. Robbing the robbers of their fruits of robbery cannot be called robbery.

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