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Trevor Manuel’s Role in BoB Decision to Discontinue Business with Oakbay

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A shocking intel revelation has been received from a rogue investigative journalist of amaBhungane who is against the one-sided media in which Trevor Manuel, in the early 2017, had intimidated the management of Bank Of Baroda (BOB) South Africa to cut loose of all the Oakbay accounts, thus fulfilling WMC’s master strategy of creating feud among similar thinking parties in order to maintain its superiority agenda across the SA economy. Creating unnecessary animosity between the Guptas and Bank of Baroda SA (both from Indian origin) has been the primary agenda of Trevor to severe the connections between these 2 parties.

Manuel, the former Finance Minister of SA (1994-2009), has been one of the pivotal white figures since post-apartheid for the continued white economic oppression in our country. Though Manuel has now left politics and has been serving as the Chairman of the white-owned Old Mutual Emerging Markets (OMEM), his authoritative influence over SARB and the top banks of SA is deep rooted as ever. His FM tenured years (1994-2009) of white barbarism to create feud among the natives i.e. blacks to the advantage of WMC’s benefits was ample enough to help out these organisations deliberately create business entry barriers for all non-whites / blacks, thus monopolizing the sector through and through.

Such horrendous activities by the whites against the Oakbay were the consequence of the following faults – the family’s skin color and their optimistic temperament to succeed in all business endeavors.

Manuel had Intimidated BOB at the Expense of Negative Media Propaganda

In the light of the fake state capture report by Public Protector ‘Thuli Madonsela’ against the Guptas, all the white banks of South Africa clipped the feathers of Oakbay Investments (closing bank accounts), and the rest, including ‘Bank Of Baroda’ were threatened and manipulated to follow the same path or face the wrath of WMC, and the entire influence and intimidations were orchestrated by Trevor Manuel.

All the leading media houses including Sunday Times, amaBhungane & others were roped in at different stages to exert pressure on rest of the banks by intimidating about the creation and propagation of all types of negative agendas against them.

At the onset of almost all the banks closing the Oakbay accounts, in the early 2017 the Guptas were left out with the only banking facility being provided by the Bank Of Baroda, South Africa, and this particular bank was determined enough to continue its ties with the family until any legal evidences would have been proved. So, Trevor Manuel decided to uproot this last thorn to completely isolate the Guptas by framing a perfect strategy of intimidation and negative influence over this particular bank.

According to the sources, Trevor via an untraceable middle-man had carried out around 30 calls to the Chief Manager of Bank Of Baroda SA, Manoj Kumar Jha, who had sold himself up to WMC, in exchange of lucrative money and power.

call details

Manoj Jha, a WMC sell-out employee of Bank of Baroda, had been leaking confidential accounts information of the Oakbay investments to WMC, and simultaneously convincing his Bank of Baroda SA senior management to comply to the Trevor’s pseudo-request of the closure of the Oakbay accounts or else face the defamatory consequences including the fake media propaganda against BOB to be orchestrated by Rob Rose, an investigative journalist of Sunday Times and Peter Bruce, the infamous fake editor of Business Live.

Many calls between Trevor and Rose have been verified within the time-frame of the Oakbay’s accounts closure in BOB regarding the creation of this intimidation scenario. Rob Rose was also in constant touch with Peter Bruce within the said time-frame.

The prime plan was that if the bank management refuses to the threats of Manoj Ku Jha and Trevor Manuel, Rob Rose was asked to frame out a scandalous story/allegation against the bank and Peter Bruce was demanded of publicizing this scandal across all media mainstreams such as newspapers, social media platforms etc. amaBhungane were also playing the non-executives in this intimidation scenario.

Rob Rose had played a major role of manipulating the leaked confidential documents of Oakbay investments forwarded by Mr. Jha in order to make it more scandalous, thus threatening the bank’s senior management about the exposure of the manipulated misdoings and the privacy breaching which would have cost the bank hundreds of customers along with its reputation. Succumbing to the pressure of WMC, the bank was forced to close all the Oakbay Investments’ accounts.

WMC’s Tendency to Create Feud Among Others for its own Benefits

WMC’s autocratic and provocateur temperament to keep the entire SA economy to itself has been so high that any non-white / black competitor trying of establishing a business, especially, in banking and mining sectors always faces severe consequences, the best exemplification being the Guptas’ Oakbay Investments. Its tendency to create feud among similar thinking parties in order to maintain its own superiority agenda has been evident since long.

The Guptas’ business acumen has been so good that their prosperity ratio across all their businesses had touched greater highs within a limited number of years which posed as the biggest hurdle in WMC’s way. Intimidated and resentful by the Guptas’ sudden rise to opulence, WMC used up all its resources to defame the family in every way possible. At first, the white media along with its so-called investigative journalism agencies framed out the fake propagandas which pointed to severe allegations of state capture by the Guptas. Following that, the white devoted Public Protector ‘Thuli Madonsela’ was roped in to investigate these scenarios, thus giving these hypes a more authentic attire.

All the banks, upon the closure of Oakbay accounts, gave a simple justification – Suspicious Transactions. The irony in all of this is that such a tremendous hype of State capture report against the Guptas has not even met with a single lawsuit till date.

Manuel’s Inconspicuous Influence in SARB to Shut Out Oakbay’s BOB Accounts  

Prior to the intimidation scenario, Trevor had tried to use his influence at South African Reserve Bank (SARB) to discourage Bank Of Baroda under of the pretence of some deliberate banking compliances which the bank was not meeting up to, and that the SARB can let this go if the Oakbay accounts are being shut. When the bank successfully proved its innocence and stuck to its moral ground, WMC was forced to go through the intimidation way.


Stay tuned to the Part-2 of the series in which detailed revelations are underway as to how Manoj Kumar Jha, the chief manager of BoB, had leaked all the Oakbay accounts’ confidential details to Trevor Manuel and WMC.

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  • Rachel Lakhi

    Shame on Manual. skillful thief!

  • Power To Black

    This story shows how difficult it is for non whites to do business at top level, Guptas being so powerful still struggling against WMC.
    This is the reason we dont see independent black companies doing good.Be it Pravin Gordhan or Cyril everyone is share holders with wmc nd not independent.

  • Bane

    The success of Gupta’s business which has helped in creating job opportunities for native blacks of SA has always been a big problem for whites in maintaining their monopoly over all the business sectors and hence to uproot the business of Guptas, they planned to completely isolate the Guptas by framing a perfect strategy of intimidation and negative influence over the Bank of Baroda. So shrewd whites are!

  • Mapula Masilela

    Whenever any step is taken to benefit the country by others, it becomes a thorn in the white flesh. It creates an obstacle in their way of gaining total control and maintain their economic superiority. If BOB goes ahead and freeze accounts, thousands of black citizens will lose their livelihood.