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South Africa Hails President Zuma’s Introduction To #FreeEducation

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President Jacob Zuma’s official announcement of the Post School Education and Training (PSET) Policy for #FreeEducation in response to the Heher Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education Report, thus defying WMC conspiracies to deprive native blacks of higher education promises to be a landmark achievement for 90% of the households in South Africa belonging to native blacks.

Zuma’s PSET policy to fix 1% of the GDP as an outlay on education marks a major victory of his resolve to empower the black natives against WMC lobby leaders within the ANC like Cyril Ramaphosa and the latter’s WMC agent in the National Treasury ‘Michael Sachs’ who had blackmailed the government to roll back falsely citing fiscal profligacy as an excuse to undermine education for the blacks.

Zuma’s Deployment of Heher Commission and Time Bound Action

Zuma’s PSET policy highlights the government’s response to the Heher Commission. The Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education Report was chaired by Honourable Justice Jonathan Arthur Heher, assisted by Advocate Gregory Ally and Ms Leah Khumalo.

The commission was assigned a time of eight months to conduct an inquiry into the scope, economic feasibility, viability and means of state financing of education with an aim to optimize the enrolment of students into the education system at school, undergraduate and post graduate levels across public and private institutions in South Africa.

The commission was to submit its report in two months after the lapse of time dedicated to the inquiry to the President, Jacob Zuma.

Highlights of the PSET Policy Announced by President Jacob Zuma

Zuma’s PSET policy fixes 1% of the GDP as subsidy outlay on education to public universities.

The provision of fully subsidised free education and training will be extended to all current and future poor and working class South African students at all public TVET (Technical & Vocational Education & Training) colleges starting in 2018 and phased-in over a period of five years.

For TVET colleges, full cost of study will include tuition fee, prescribed study material, meals, accommodation and/or transport.

There will be no tuition fee increment for students from households earning up to R600 000 a year during the 2018 academic year.

All poor and working class South African students enrolled at public TVET Colleges will be funded through grants and not loans.

The definition of poor and working class students will now refer to “currently enrolled TVET Colleges or University students from South African households with a combined annual income of up to R350 000” by 2018 academic year.

NSFAS packages already allocated to the existing NSFAS students in their further years of study will be converted from loans to 100% grants effective immediately.

The matter in relation to the management of NSFAS debt due to its complexity will be dealt with by the Minister of Higher Education and Training after due diligence has been undertaken by the Department of Higher Education and Training; Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and the National Treasury  to determine the quantum of funding required.

WMC Pawn Michael Sachs’ Blackmail to Roll Back Citing NSFAS Debt and Fiscal Profligacy

Ramaphosa’s WMC pawn at the National Treasury Michael Sachs had earlier resigned from National Treasury asking government to roll back the proposed bill on PSET giving false excuses of fiscal profligacy and high debt of the NSFAS. Michael Sachs is a part of the WMC network of Trevor Manuel, Pravin Gordhan and his boss Cyril Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa had backed Sachs to return to the National Treasury.

WMC Lobby Leader Cyril Ramaphosa Aims to Deprive Black Natives of Education in New Deal

Cyril Ramaphosa, the WMC faction candidate for the ANC polls in his New Deal has deliberately undermined the strategic importance of education for native blacks of South Africa, placing at a poor 7th position in his ten point ‘New Deal’. Ramaphosa has also tried to push back Zuma’s recent advances in policy dialogue falsely stating economic growth is a precondition to state financing of education.

The PSET policy of Jacob Zuma shall be remembered as his legacy project to empower black natives in their liberation from economic inequality and poverty imposed on them by the WMC.

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