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The Real State Capturers of SA Led by Johann Rupert: Insightful and Uncut Truth

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Do you know what state capture is? How do you infer the meaning of state capture? Learn the insightful and uncut truth behind state capture as it has happened here. Learn exactly how Johann Rupert, the son of South African business tycoon Anton Rupert, born into a colonial era business family has scripted the rise of the evil WMC empire. A beneficiary of the law of inheritance rooted in capitalism without merit, he has inherited more than hundred years old style of investment into mainstream corporate SBUs along with investments in media, financial and political verticals. His philosophy of treating politics as a cash cow with periodic investments of WMC style capital and harvest strategy is a symbol of colonial era crony capitalism and state capture that has existed over a hundred years. He has turned the Rupert family into one of the strongest and most wicked bastions of WMC.

WMC Political Sponsors and Leaders: Lead Roles in Real State Capture of South Africa

WMC Sponsored Political Parties: Scalable Political StartUps Sponsored by WMC

WMC Sponsored Political Parties

The real state capture of South Africa has some political parties and leaders in lead roles. Know these traitors and understanding the pitch of the nationalistic sycophancy that they resort to in branding and marketing their vote pitch. Here are the primary political parties whose leaders are the biggest WMC sellouts:

1. ‘Mmusi Maimane’ and ‘Helen Zille’ leading ‘Democratic Alliance’Democratic Alliance (DA) acts as the official opposition party to ANC with a WMC trademark. Its high-ranked leaders such as Mmusi Maimane, Helen Zille, Athol Trollip etc have been the real state capturers and Johann Rupert’s stooges since long. This party has been governing the Western Cape province under the Premier Helen Zille since 2014.

2. Julius Malema’ leading ‘Economic Freedom Fighters’ – This WMC funded political party is being led by Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu who have sold their souls to WMC boss Johann Rupert. This party was formed in 2013 and has since been a devoted tool of Johann Rupert and WMC.

Fraudulent Political Activism Based on Mass Hysteria

The WMC lobby accords industry status to politics in effect. Much of the WMC political activism is based on fabricating campaigns of hysteric activism invoking sharp sentiments of South Africa being in danger and then galvanizing these fraudulent political campaigns into distinct political parties as their WMC political sponsorship gathers scalability. Examples of such fraudulent political campaigns include:

3. Pravin Gordhan leading the political campaign ‘Save_SA’

4. Tumi Sole leading the political campaign ‘CountryDuty’

5. Cyril Ramaphosa leading the political campaign ‘CR17’

The nomenclature of the movements like “Country Duty” and “Save SA” is based on sound marketing theories like marketing as mobilization. In the 21st century political parties learn and operate as per the textbook principles of business management. Marketing as mobilization is a strategy deployed by these political parties to inform, convince and remind people of their brand of politics, often by branding their movements based on different appeals that are used in the advertising industry.

White Journalists and Media Partners in Crime of Real State Capture

WMC Sponsored Media

George Stigler, the eminent US based economist in his seminal work “The Economics of Information” had explained the costs of creating, sharing, saving and retrieving information in a democracy. Hijacking of the information expressway is one of the first and primitive steps taken to deliberately increase the costs of information.

Further there are significant economies of scale involved in forming a cartel of information service providers that act as a single entity thereby effectively monopolizing the market for information. The cartel of 4 top media houses (Media 24, Times media Group, Independent News, and Caxton) under the leadership of Johann Rupert owns a collective ownership of 93 % of the entire media sector. Johann Rupert has direct interest of 40% in the media house ‘Caxton’ (The Citizen, eNCA).

Through these propaganda channels, Johann Rupert has hijacked all information routes by relaying fake news content that he wants to. The cartel of the WMC news journalists and media houses that serve as the spokespersons of Johann Rupert are as follows:

1. Ferial Haffajee – Ferial Haffajee is the Editor-at-large at Huffington Post SA. She is regarded as the most notorious and biased white journalist of South Africa.

2. Adriaan Basson – Adriaan Basson is the editor of News24 and an alleged former apartheid spy.

3. Peter Bruce – Peter Bruce is a Times Media Group’s Editor at Large and a WMC sell-out.

4. Justice Malala – Justice Malala is one of the classic examples of the modern day corrupt journalism who abuse the very trust placed on them by society who relies on them as a source of appropriate information and education. He is a pro-white journalist who has been married to Justine Malala, a white journalist at BBC.

5. Max Du Preez – Max Du Preez is a big-time paid white media mercenary who has been associated with Financial Mail, Sunday Times and Business Day.

6. Pauli Van Wyk – Journalist with @DailyMaverick’s investigative team, #Scorpio.

7. Sam Sole – Sam Sole is the managing partner of amaBhungane and a suspected former apartheid spy.

The networking effect is used to hijack digital media platforms, newsprint vertical and the electronic media by forming a cartel of different media companies that together decide on news content, strategies of sharing news on media platforms and repeating threads of stories and news thereby providing scalability to the WMC propaganda and marketing machinery.

Financial Sponsors of the Real State Capture of South Africa by WMC

Financial Sponsors of the Real State Capture

Let us get the facts right on how Johann Rupert and the WMC control the economy of South Africa.

  • A report published on the DTI reveals that only 3% of the South African economy as measured in terms of its GDP is black owned.
  • A meagre 23% of all companies listed on the JSE are black-owned.
  • Blacks comprise only 21% of the executive teams in South Africa’s top 40 companies, and the number of black chief executives running JSE-listed companies has dropped from 15% in 2014 to only 10% in 2015.

At the root of the vast WMC empire is its direct control over the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) vertical. A close scrutiny of the major banks of South Africa reveal some ugly truths about the systematic attempts of the major banks at derailing the BBBEE and RET. At the top of the corporate pyramid in the BFSI vertical are the following banks. We share with you the exact numbers that reveal the marginalization of blacks at the highest echelons of the corporate ladder in the banking vertical.

1. ‘Maria Ramos’ leading ABSA – Barclays Africa Group Limited, formerly known as Amalgamated Banks of South Africa is led by Maria Ramos, a white CEO and the wife of the most corrupt WMC stooge Trevor Manuel. ABSA has 17 directors of which only 4 are blacks. Apart from this, ABSA has been found to have direct participation in the financial bailout of Bank Orp, an apartheid era bank. In February 2017, ABSA was found guilty of price fixing of the Rand in the foreign exchange market to manipulate the value of the Rand against the US Dollar. The Competition Commission referred to this act by ABSA as a gross violation of the Competition Act and further imposed a fine amounting to 10% of the turnover of ABSA.

2. ‘Jacques Celliers’ leading FNB – The First National Bank is led by its CEO Jacques Celliers. A look into the composition of the board of directors of the FNB published on its website reveals that it has no black member representation in the board of directors.

3. ‘Stephen Koseff’ leading INVESTEC – INVESTEC the premier asset management and banking services corporation headquartered in the United Kingdom is led by its CEO Stephen Koseff. INVESTEC has not shared any information on its corporate website with regard to the participation of black South African members at its board of directors.

4. ‘Lesetja Kganyago’ leading SARB – The South African Reserve Bank is the apex state owned bank in South Africa led by Governor Lesetja Kganyago. He has been leading a board of 14 directors at SARB of which 8 are whites.

Other Key Members of WMC State Capture Team

Key Members of WMC State Capture Team

Let us peek into other notable comrades of the WMC State Capture team:

1. Trevor Manuel’ leading Old Mutual Emerging Markets – One of the most trusted aides of Johann Rupert, Trevor Manuel has been the most influential WMC stooge during the initial years of post-apartheid.

2. ‘Magda Wierzycka’ leading Sygnia Group – Magda Wierzycka is the CEO of Sygnia Assets Management and the richest woman of South Africa. She is infamously known for her outright racist comments on the SA natives and her biased and protective attitude towards her own white community.

3. Mathews Phosa – Mathews Phosa is the former ANC Treasury General and the key WMC insider within the party. Phosa has been accused by ANC intelligence of being a previous CIA agent. He is currently contesting for the ANC presidency due Dec 2017.

4. Robert Gumede’ leading Gijima – Robert Gumede is the controversial black IT billionaire and a regular funder of ANC in Mpumalanga province. His most infamous state capture instance was when his IT company, Gijima acquired a multi-billion contract from the Home Affairs department in 2010.

JSE: Financialization of Real State Capture by WMC in the Equity Markets

The animal spirits of capitalism have engulfed the largest stock exchange of South Africa. Johannesburg Stock Exchange has been officially seized by the WMC. A scrutiny of the shareholding of all corporations listed on the JSE reveal the exact pattern of real state capture by the WMC lobby under the leadership of the white pirate Johann Rupert. Data available from the JSE Top 100 and the SWIX (Shareholder Weighted Index) reveal the following:

  • Black share ownership in the JSE is limited to 13%.
  • White South African shareholders have a share ownership of 22%.
  • Direct black ownership through BBBEE schemes stands at 10%
  • FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) have a share ownership of 39%. This includes shareholding in subsidiaries of MNCs like ABSA, Investec and others that are headquartered outside South Africa and thus largely employ foreigners.
  • No data is available for 16 % of the share ownership
  • The consolidated ownership of white South Africans, US and Europe based FIIs at 77% stacks up against 13% shareholding by black investors leaving aside the BBBEE promoted shareholding. The numbers when compared to the ethnic profiling of the population of South Africa with 80.2% of blacks shows the non-optimal allocation of share equity capital in South Africa and the disadvantaged position of the blacks, thanks to real state capture by Johann Rupert and the WMC.

In the final diagnosis, what do we learn?

The WMC owns South Africa. Johann Rupert is a sponsor of the movement called real state capture of South Africa and will not back out of it without a reasonable ROI that he has made in political parties, media and banks.

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  • Paul Fouche

    Is the stats based and adjusted for the fact that there are only 9 Million White South Africans and 51 Million Black South Africans. Had overseas white investors been excluded.

  • Helen R. Miller

    Planning and execution that made the Rupert ancestors the richest of South Africa. His father was the mastermind and to continue the legacy of his father, Johan Rupert has made a big team of influencer, politicians, beurocrates, and corporates so he can capture the entire state.

    • Jonkar

      And unfortunately he has succeeded to a great extent, he has expanded his networks and made all of them his minion.

  • Josefa

    Magda Wierzycka was the first paparazzi to start campaign against KPMG who brought it into scrutiny. Once, she started the ball rolling many others joined the caravan. She herself is a WMC stooge! Now it has started to make sense! The reason behind all the ‘KPMG is culprit’ brouhaha.

  • Tina D. Poland

    One day, sooner or later South Africa will be free country and name of Johan Rupert will tough as imposter and looters of the country.

    • kwanele

      The problem of ‘state capture’ actually stems from the WMC stooges who constantly portray themselves as the saviors and its roots lie in the ignorance exhibited by the people, who think Guptas are the villains and believe in each and everything that is being shown to them.

      • Tina D. Poland

        If we flip the other side of a story, WMC is guilty of state capture, not Gupta’s. They have been falsely accused

  • Martiz

    Bell Pottinger was accused, McKinsey is being questioned, defamation of KPMG and SAP. Each and every firm linked with the Guptas is being targeted to suck them into the whirlpool of alleged state capture. But the picture is entirely different from what is being portrayed. SA has become arena for the corrupt and the real people responsible for the state capture are sitting at peace and playing the blame game.

  • Nosicelo Mntumni

    When alleged former apartheid spy Adriaan Basson is the editor of the top most News channel, then what sort of credibility and rational behavior can be expected from the white media.

  • Helen R. Miller

    White media had also played a card of national sentiments through the campaigns like #SaveSA and #CountryDuty, but failed in this as well? What a disgraceful attempt.

  • Bane

    White media had also played a card of national sentiments through the campaigns like SaveSA and Countryduty, but failed in this as well? What a disgraceful attempt.