home Opinion Ramaphosa Stands Atop ANC Alone with his WMC Prize; Betrayed Black Natives Look On Helplessly

Ramaphosa Stands Atop ANC Alone with his WMC Prize; Betrayed Black Natives Look On Helplessly

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The long dark night resonated the dark days ahead of ANC. Cyril Ramaphosa, the eternal opportunist strode up the podium alone to grab his prize of the position of ANC President riding on his New Deal offer, throwing the hopes of millions of black natives to the wolves.

In the end Ramaphosa hung by a straw of 179 votes despite using all destructive means at his disposal like Bidvest’s horse trading of branch delegates, judiciary capture to bar provinces in the NDZ slate from voting and running the worst smear campaign in the history of South Africa against Jacob Zuma on false allegations of state capture.
The fact that the state capture allegations have failed to draw traction in ANC circles is gauged from the rousing reception and the fitting farewell that Jacob Zuma received from the ANC delegates both the times he took to the stage to address them.

The fact that the slush money used by the WMC lobby for judicial capture has had no impact on the honest ANC comrades at all is proven by the fact that the loser Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma has not lost and the winner Cyril Ramaphosa has won an emphatic victory.

CR17’s hollow claims to victory were punctured with the announcement of the NEC membership results, wherein half of the six new elects belong to the NDZ slate.

Rupert invests on a lame horse named ‘Cyril’

With half the NEC refusing to sell out to corporate bribery by WMC, Johann Rupert, one of the prime sponsors of the CR17 campaign, must introspect if his speculative instinct is still as meticulous as it was during the good old days of apartheid.

Though Johann Rupert can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that his boy Ramaphosa will implement the New Deal policy and not the pro-black RET, it does little to underwrite the risks to his WMC Empire emanating from the NDZ half of the NEC that continues to be more than a mere thorn in his path.

If the returns on his investment in the ANC elections are as half -baked as they indeed are, he must acknowledge that his intervention in the ANC polls was a futile exercise.

Despite the unprecedented use of corporate money to buy votes, the Ramaphosa campaign insiders have reasons to worry. It is anybody’s guess that the shoe would have been on the other foot had the timely judiciary capture not eaten into the votes of the NDZ slate ahead of the ANC polls.

With half the team of CR17 having landed in a soup, Ramaphosa has an uphill task dealing with the NEC team. The point is that he is leading a team that simply shall not back him in his efforts to disinvest and liquidate the South African economy into the hands of WMC through his New Deal.

Cyril Ramaphosa now stands to face the consequences of conspiracy from his NEC team, the seeds of which he had sown to plot the fall of President Zuma.

Jacob Zuma was a war hardened ex-intelligence operative with hands-on experience of leading an underground revolutionary movement against apartheid and had impeccable survival skills to thrive against the odds. Can Cyril Ramaphosa survive?

If CR17 does survive and thrive beyond this hollow victory, the 54th ANC Conference will go down in the annals of South Africa as the date when South Africa went backwards towards economic apartheid by believing the false narrative of a New Deal offer coming from a black businessman with a proven track record of fooling fellow black natives time and again.

CR17 has climbed up the ladder of ANC using innocent and poor black natives that still dream of two square meals a day for themselves. But CR17 knows it is lonely at the top. That the intoxication of power has got the better of Cyril Ramaphosa is evident from the fact that he did not care to walk up to his opposite number Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma and shake hands even it were for the sake of people pleasing diplomacy.

The handshake that never took place is a symbol of how far the WMC has gone since 1994 leaving black natives behind and how steep has been Cyril Ramaphosa’s fall from grace. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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