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Pravin Gordhan All Set To Lead Johann Rupert’s Political Party Against ANC

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Johann Rupert and his white colleagues (collectively WMC) have played all their right cards at the right point of time. Apart from capturing the South African economy, Johann has smartly placed his advocates across the ANC and the SA Parliament over the years with a sole motive i.e. to impeach the sitting president Jacob Zuma via ‘Vote For No Confidence’ Motion to be held on Aug 8 and to establish an independent political party for the 2019 national elections. In this very quest, Johann is appropriately mentored by the french regime change agent, ‘Jean Yves Ollivier’ who is very well versed with all such conspiracies.

Previously in 2009, Johann’s attempt to capture the government under the supervision of the former FM Trevor Manuel (the current Chairperson of Old Mutual Emerging Markets) had gone in vain. But this time his new bannerman is none other than the controversial former Finance Minister Mr. Pravin Gordhan, who had helped Johann in looting the SA National Treasury through many scandals. Rupert’s vision of capturing the government this time has taken a lot of ground work of manipulation and intimidation among black elites specifically, politicians and businessmen within parties and the Parliament. Lets unfold one of the most master conspiracies in play right now which is completely orchestrated by Johann Rupert and implemented by Pravin Gordhan in coordination with Old Mutual Boss Trevor Manuel.

Pravin’s Current State of #WMC Affairs in Parliament

Pravin Gordhan has been tasked to carry out campaign of intimidation and bribery to buy votes of the MPs to impeach the sitting President Jacob Zuma via a secret-ballot voting in the upcoming ‘Vote For No Confidence’ motion to be held on Aug 8, 2017. And the ‘Old Mutual Asset Management’ Chairperson Trevor Manuel is acting as Pravin’s guidance towards such treachery and deception because he has been the biggest hater of the Zuma regime and the greatest obstruction of Radical Economic Transformation.

Pravin Gordhan has gone a step ahead this time on the intimidation part where he is seen bullying the cabinet ministers of Zuma Government along with their state secretaries and other top government officials of blocking fundings to the major State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs). Old Mutual owned ‘Future Growth’ which is one of the biggest specialist asset management firms of South Africa who invests millions of Rands across the 6 major SOEs every year is planning to withdraw its fundings if the concerned ministers (also MPs) don’t vote against Jacob Zuma in the secret ballot motion. FutureGrowth Asset Management firm is currently funding SOEs namely Eskom, Transnet, the South African National Roads Agency Ltd (SANRAL), the Land Bank of SA, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA). Pravin Gordhan is planning to quit #ANC soon after this ‘Vote For No Confidence’ motion to be held on Aug 8, 2017 in order to lead a new political party funded by #WMC.

SaveSA, The Upcoming Political Party Against ANC in 2019 Elections

#WMC funded Non-Profit Organisation ‘SaveSA’ is on verge of forming an independent political party for the forthcoming 2019 national elections which would be contesting against the massive ANC. This new party will be led by none other than Mr. Pravin Gordhan, who is the next big contender for the SA Presidency elections to be held in 2019. In the process of making this party big enough to stand against ANC, Johann Rupert is said to be using up considerable amount of his influences and monetary resources to bring together all possible white supporters, primarily the #WMC aligned politicians within ANC to join ‘SaveSA’ political party. The very idea of an independent party formation is the brainchild of the French regime change agent ‘Jean Yves Ollivier’, who is a very dear friend of Johann Rupert’s. This NGO is also infamous for its twitter handle @_SaveSA with the sole purpose of spreading and trending fake propagandas of #WhitePaidMedia on Twitter.

Dissecting the above scenarios, it looks like #WMC is on a massive crusade to completely capture the nation both economic and political wise in years to come. And in the process, various agents and masterminds across the globe have been roped in to properly strategize a fruitful outcome in favor of #WMC. Now time shall be the witness of the outcome of #ZumaMotion on Aug 8 and forthcoming ANC elections, and the extent of the #WMC conspiracies governing them.

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  • Tina D. Poland

    What an irony! The master behind ruining the economy of SA is going to corrupt the political system of the country like before but with a little change! Now his corruptions will have a patriotic name “SAVE SA”. Sad for SA.

  • Nosicelo Mntumni

    Pravin has always been the dancing puppet in the hands of Johann, be it yesterday, today or tomorrow. He seems to have no existence of his own.

    • Ken Meyer

      ??? Gordhan is still a communist! How does he suddenly become Ruperts “puppet”? Can you not think?

      • Nosicelo Mntumni

        How would you know that he is a communist, he might pretend to be a communist but deep inside he is a capitalist.

  • Bane

    Vice versa you said WMC leaks is paid by third force & perpetuating the crime, But have you given a second thought on who can be the third force? Is it the WMC leaks or white monopoly capitalist? Looters of the economy are owning the major publications & most handsome brain, WMCleaks may have poor formatting, but their intention is not as crony as white capitalist.

  • Lerumo Mkhonto

    The day these sellouts are caught, I wish to be still around to see their lies catching up with them. These unpatriotic, selfish greedy mistakes of history.

  • Clara

    Oops, why lot of genius are reading this idiots stuff:)

    • Tjaart Van Der Walt

      It is called geniusses.