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Peter Hain’s Resignation From African Potash A Johann Rupert Master Ploy

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Once a traitor is always a traitor; this goes well for Peter Hain, an anti-apartheid who has recently been gaining public attention in South Africa and worldwide for his amateur attempts to involve the CIA, FBI, SIS to investigate the Zumas and the Guptas, riding on the white media propaganda of state capture.

Yes, we are speaking of the Johann Rupert led WMC vocalist, Peter Hain, who is speaking vehemently against the Zumas and the Guptas, alleging them for #statecapture, using their alleged role in corruption and international money laundering.

What is interesting is that Peter Hain is a person who was himself involved in receiving £100,000 illicit donations for his political campaigns via ‘Progressive Policies Forum’, a shell organization that ’employs no staff, neither has published any work since its inception in December 2006′, and this scam led to his “forced” resignation from his official posts to save his party from obvious embarrassment.

And now, this corrupt person is poking his nose in internal matters of South Africa. He is actively trying to influence the investigative authorities of the USA and UK in South Africa’s internal matters and asking them to investigate the highest office bearer of the country, the President of South Africa!

It’s so obvious that Peter Hain’s pocket is being warmed by Johann Rupert to raise such fake propaganda and create noise internationally in order to achieve complete supremacy in South Africa.

Peter Hain’s recent abrupt resignation on November 6, 2017 as Non-Executive Director from African Potash (AFPO) under the premise of ‘increased workload’ also puts a big question mark on his conduct.

Peter​ ​Hain​ ​Resigns​ ​From​ ​African​ ​Potash​ ​To​ ​Evade​ ​Corruption​ ​Charges

Peter Hain’s abrupt resignation from the African Potash board seems to be a move to evade exposure of any corruption conducted under his direct supervision while he was associated with AFPO.

It is therefore, no surprise that African Potash, the NEX listed Exploration Company has announced the resignation of Peter Hain under the premise of ‘increased workload’, along with other two non-executive directors Simon Dorling, and Declan O’Brien. This is not all. The company has been asked to mislead the people, manipulating things and giving an open statement saying, “Peter Hain has been most supportive of the company’s efforts to bring fairly priced fertiliser to the African Farmer. However, his increased workload on other duties has prompted him to step down.”

Going by the specified reason, Peter Hain has no time to look into the company’s matters as of now and that’s the reason he has resigned, while on the other hand he seems to have all the time in the world to be active on his twitter account and post defamatory and derogatory tweets against President Zuma and the Guptas.

Peter​ ​Hain​ ​Has​ ​Been​ ​Paid​ ​Millions​ ​To​ ​Work​ ​For​ ​Johann​ ​Rupert

According to trusted sources, we have learnt that Peter Hain is being paid millions of Rands to work for Johann Rupert. His primary responsibility is to actively target Zuma and Guptas, and to push the investigation by FBI and SIS for alleged involvement in #statecapture and international money laundering.

Hain is actively involved in influencing the US based FBI and the UK based SIS and is working in close cooperation with them to sabotage and overthrow the Jacob Zuma led government and “lawfully” strangulate the Guptas.

White​ ​Media​ ​Keeps​ ​Mum​ ​On​ ​Peter’s​ ​Resignation​ ​From​ ​African​ ​Potash

During this apparent act of belligerence of a British citizen against South Africa’s president and the Guptas, who are South African citizens, the White Media, as always has tightened its lips and has not commented on Peter Hain’s resignation. It is no secret that they are all remote controlled by Johann Rupert who owns 93 per cent of the so-called South African free media. White Media works actively for the white barons and thereby is asked by Johann Rupert to publish or carry online only those articles of Peter Hain which primarily focus on bogus and fake propaganda against Zuma and the Guptas.

It is very apparent that Peter Hain, as a person is just a coward who has deliberately resigned fearing exposure of his involvement in frauds and just in case, if any of the acts of corruption associated with AFPO conducted under his direct supervision get exposed, he would be in big trouble and an embarrassment to Johann Rupert and Britain as well. So, he is trying to run away from all this!

Journalists like Peter Bruce, Sam Sole, Ferial Haffajee, Max Du Preez, and others have nothing to pen down on his resignation, but if it was something related to Zuma, even his birthday which was celebrated recently, they came up with all sorts of allegations against him and his would be son-in-law.

If this is what freedom of press is all about, may God help Mzansi!

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  • SideWaysView

    Go on – you talk about press freedom and but you don’t believe in free speech. Release the comments I made on this thread 17 minutes ago – or does it not fit in with your bullshit propaganda?

  • Rauxx

    What is the real reason of your resignation from African Potash? Are you scared of being getting exposed of corruption charges against the company?

  • Bane

    He is faithless and self-serving bigot. Do not attach hope to his offer of helping South Africans against corruption. Johann Rupert, I know this is all your conspiracy against our President.

  • Clara

    One can never trust this con artist. He himself was involved in receiving £100,000 illicit donations for his political campaigns and now he is blaming Zuma and Gupta to be involved in the same activity.

  • Mark D. Mobley

    You can’t point your finger on others when you yourself are a corrupt person. First you take millions from Rupert to start fake propaganda against our President and want us to believe how much you care about us. What a show off you are.

  • Jonkar

    Peter Hain sold himself to Johann Rupert to raise fake propaganda against Zuma and Guptas.