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Peter Bruce & Co Being Illegally Financed by DA & EFF, Documents Reveal

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Peter Bruce, the Editor at Large at the Times Media Group, has been exposed to be involved in a strategic nexus with the WMC lobby and its political allies: the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

The WMC lobby having been cornered by the policies of the incumbent Zuma regime, is in the current time considering all desperate options for its survival, primarily placing its bets on the opposition parties DA & EFF and defending certain ANC leaders bought by it who can help overcome the threat of its extinction.

Its master tactical ploy to undermine President Jacob Zuma and his RET policies is solely reliant on a strategic nexus of these opposition parties, along with the whole white media led by its crusader ‘Peter Bruce’, who have developed a racket of agenda mouthpieces in order to push false political propaganda against the government into various quarters of mainstream media.

The Democratic Alliance is a white party with a black face that shares political interests with the South African white minority. The EFF ever since its formation has also tried to gain political mileage by colluding with vested WMC interests. The false political rhetoric pushed by the DA and EFF against President Jacob Zuma and his incumbent government best explains their agenda.

We have documents which open up a can of worms to prove a strategic nexus among Peter Bruce, the WMC lobby, and parties DA and EFF.

Peter Bruce along with his inner-circle journo team comprising of Sikonathi Mantshansha, Jika Thanduxolo, Carlos Amato and Qaanitah Hunter have been specifically assigned the job of relaying false narratives against the Gupta family for the consolidation of DA and EFF. These four journalists have been frequently making appearances outside the Parliament interacting with most of the DA and EFF members in apparent endorsement of the parties’ political narratives and biased agenda.

Peter Bruce and his underground journo operatives are being handsomely paid via various illicit payment routes by the DA and EFF financials.

Sources Reveal WMC Paying Illicit Money to Peter Bruce

Peter Bruce‘s bank account statements and credit card balance details suggest that he operates accounts in several banks. We have access to a set of financial correspondence and private emails that suggest that Peter Bruce has accepted handsome amounts for writing false narratives against the Gupta family. These payments have been pushed into different bank accounts that Bruce operates.

Bruce uses these bank accounts on a rotational basis to camouflage the actual sources and patterns of payments made to him by EFF & DA leaders. There are significant imbalances between the huge wealth that he secretly owns and the modest figures that the bank accounts and credit card details suggest.

The emails also provide evidences of Bruce secretly meeting top EFF & DA leaders at secret locales to accept under table money, expensive liquor and token gestures in kind. EFF & DA leaders have also arranged hefty sums of housing debts and vehicle financing options for Peter Bruce.

Peter Bruce does not route all his remuneration solely through bank accounts and cash. Trusted sources in our network reveal that EFF & DA party leaders have gifted Bruce shares of several WMC companies in which they hold influence.

To avoid getting caught on questions of the source of origin of such wealth, Bruce has shrewdly diversified his portfolio of shareholding in WMC companies. He has distributed the shares among the four associated journalists who work for him.

Bruce’s Inner Circle of Sold-out Journalists

The documents reveal bank accounts, credit card balances and shares held in WMC companies, by each of the four journalists- Sikonathi Mantshansha, Jika Thanduxolo, Carlos Amato and Qaantiah Hunter.

PB Journalists


To deal with the large sums of money that Bruce has charged in lieu of running false propaganda against the Gupta family, he has led these journalists into buying significant equity stakes in WMC companies.

The only motive of this group of WMC journalists is to malign the Gupta family and publicize EFF & DA. Each journalist in Bruce’s racket has specific insider links to source secret political information from the EFF and the DA. The following insiders of DA and EFF have information connections with them:

Sikonathi Mantshansha

Sikonathi Mantashansha, the Deputy Editor of the Financial Mail is the chief supplier of political climate intelligence to Peter Bruce. Sikonathi, with his deep running links with Herman Mashaba, the current Mayor of Johannesburg, and Mzimkulu Malunga, a former employee at BDFM publishers, provide critical inputs on positioning the political narrative of EFF to Sunday Times and financial mail. Sikonathi is a shareholder in companies owned by and associated with Herman Mashaba. He also receives political and financial cover from DA.

Jika Thanduxolo

Jika Thanduxolo, who writes for the Sunday Times is the specialist for political investigative journalism in Peter Bruce’s propaganda squad. His loop of secret informers includes the EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, and EFF Secretary General Godrich Gardee.

Carlos Amato

Carlos Amato, who writes for the Sunday Times, through his close political affiliations with DA brings the latter’s perspective to Bruce’s propaganda squad. His ring of secret informers is enriched by an investigative journalist Jika Thanduxolo who works at the Daily Dispatch newspaper and who also writes for the Sunday Times.

Qaanitah Hunter

Qaanitah Hunter is a political journalist with the Sunday Times and a close associate of Phumzile Van Damme, the national spokesperson of DA. She is the regime change frontrunner in Bruce’s hit gang and a rigorous proponent of the false Gupta/Zuma conspiracy theories voicing Bruce’s agenda to tarnish the reputation of the incumbent government.

Free Media is the second pillar of democracy, the first one being the people. When white media platforms and influential opinion piece writers like Peter Bruce sell their freedom to political affiliations and power of capital, the borders separating history from story and facts from fiction get blurred. Peter Bruce’s team of four journalists by colluding with select political parties have erred on the side of strategic propaganda and converted journalism into advertising. True, there are no free lunches in economics, but there is no lunch for which Bruce and his ring had to sell their soul.

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  • fredrick mengi

    This is really saddening to know that the media which is supposed to show the real picture to the people have sold themselves. Now they are nothing more than a tool being used to spread propaganda and carry out smear campaign.

  • fredrick mengi

    Media is the protector of democracy. If they would go corrupt whom would we believe?

  • Jonkar

    Peter Bruce inner-circle journo team comprise of Carlos Cartoons and Qaanitah Hunter. They frequently made appearances outside Parliament interacting with most of DA & EFF members in endorsement of political parties narratives and biased agenda.

  • Jonkar

    Parties like EFF, DA, and journalists like Peter Bruce used to talk about radical change, which wasn’t clear until now. But after the expose of journos like Peter and others getting financed by corrupt parties gives a clear picture of corruption in SA.

  • Jonkar

    Bruce working on a strategic propaganda under the name of “Opinion Writer” seeking support of DA and EFF, through which he appointed 4 persons from media to support him. They are working only for the enrichment of whites through this.