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Paul Mashatile’s Nonsense Over White Monopoly Capital’s Existence

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The blunt refutal of the very existence of ‘White Monopoly Capital’ by the Gauteng ANC Chairperson ‘Paul Mashatile’, a hardcore #WMC devotee, sounds so unobvious of him. Recently, there have been many such cases where some of the high profile #WMC supporters have bluntly spoken up regarding the non-existence of white monopoly capital. So, ironic of them. For instance, a few days back, another #WMC’s golden goose Trevor Manuel gave the same statement, thus raising many eyebrows. Well, we think, this is one of those psychological fake propagandas which #WMC and its puppet #WMCPaidMedia might be trying to execute.

It seems that ‘Paul Mashatile’ might be intoxicated or might be having amnesia at the time of his speech at the Gauteng Provincial Policy Conference over the weekend, because no person in his/her sane mind can forget or deny about #WMC, an incest which has been eating up SA since decades. He had quoted:

“Monopoly capital remains the enemy of the national democratic revolution. In this regard the conference has made it clear that there is no such thing as white monopoly capital in our vocabulary.”

What about those days when Mashatile used to be the Gauteng Economic Development Minister, and what about the signature he had attested regarding the high drama deal of R50 million with the American news channel Consumer News and Business Channel Africa (CNBC). It seems that this high profile scandal executed by him has simply evaporated from his mindspace.

Don’t worry, Mr Mashatile!!!

‘Let us wake you through the memory lane. In the year 2007, Gauteng Film Commission under your expert supervision had paid the American news network CNBC a hefty price of R50 million, in equal amounts of $3-million (R25-million) over the next two years. The deal was made to promote the province’s movie and TV industries.’ R50 MILLION. Seriously!!!

Essop Pahad, the then Minister of the Presidency, being the close ally of both Mashatile and the CNBC Africa co-founder Rakesh Wahi, had brokered this deal.

Millions of Rands evaporated just like that. If we sit and analyze the situation, only one output can be inferred. The influence of #WMC to the very core of the South African system. So much money smoothly and legitimately transferred, that too no one raising any decisive question on it and no one to answer it.

We have been turning deaf ears to such questions for so long. But not anymore.

So, it’s high time for us, the South African people, to get involved into such Q&As, and take up the matters to the right authorities.

#WMC must go down and along with its stooges like Paul Mashatile. Hail South Africa!!!

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  • Julius Cobbett

    Saurabh, again I must commend you for exposing this WMC puppet. If Atul doesn’t buy you an apartment in Dubai for your work it will be a grave injustice.

    • Mark D. Mobley

      Another Rupert BOT crawled..

      • Silver King

        Says Gupta bot #36

  • Mark D. Mobley

    Paul seems to rebel against ANC, once he supported their core ideology. he must have get assurance from his white masters.
    Money is the best weapon to change the game.

    • Lerumo Mkhonto

      This man is a billionaire. He is not going bite the hand that feedshe him. WMC is calling all its beneficiaries to action, to topple the black government because it’s showing no sign to self destruct as they had expected.


        you cant be serious, this government is on the brink of collapse, the only thing that keeps it going is the TAX we pay, junk status, recession, millions go to bed hungry, unemployment at 40% and you say NOT SELF DESTRUCTING ??????

  • Silver King

    WMCleaks is getting desperate.

  • Silver King
    • Lerumo Mkhonto

      Do not use the Gupta email leaks if you want real news. The first email to be tested has just failed the test in the foreign affairs committee in parliament. It was proved to have been tempered with. WMC media is not going to tell you about it.


    the Gupta sheep are incredible, anyone who goes against them stealing is a WMC supporter, this poor excuse for an author cries abour 50 million, how many BILLIONS have the gupta’s stolen, ok education is not for these authors so lets help them a billion is a million times a million so 50 is 0.5 of 1 billion, your BAAS stole much more

  • David

    more bullshit from an indian thief.

  • Unfit2govern

    WCMLeaks – exposed as paid for bullshit

  • Flodge

    There is no such thing as white monopoly capital. It was created as a public relations exercise by Bell Pottinger and paid for by the Guptas to divide the people so the Guptas can steal. The truth is the JSE is mostly owned by pension funds and foreign investors.

    • Clara

      You said it, JSE is mostly owned by the pension funds and foreign investors, who are they?
      THEY ARE white monopoly capitalist.

      • David

        no, that’s the economy, idiot. The Guptas have their businesses there too. Well, they had them with suspensions and what not :F

        • Ananda Naidoo

          Blame ever thing on the Guptas you need to show facts

  • Titus Podile

    Andile Mxgitama stop trying this hard….u will end up wetting ur pants

    • Mark D. Mobley

      How do u know Andile connection to this post? indigenous.

  • Boet In Brazil

    fok off guptas!

  • Helen R. Miller

    Mashatile, I agree with you denial that WMC doesn’t exist because how will a puppet dancing in hands of #WMCbosses will know what Monopoly is! You maintain this monopoly. How can you agree with its presence? Come out, live like a normal black citizen, and then you will realize what Monopoly is and how cruel it can be.