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A Mocking Review On #ZumaVote By Peter Bruce – A Drunkard, Womanizer & Drug Addict’s Father

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Hi Peter Bruce (The Editor Of The Fake News Called ‘Business Day’),

It has truly been a disgusting ride for us to read your opinion piece on Zuma Vote “Zuma’s close call and why he should be very afraid“ which clearly reflects the perspective of your dejected white masters who are on a never-ending spree of collapsing South Africa and ANC. It seems that they are compulsively putting their frustrated thoughts in your mouth. Though your opinion piece might have got a devoted set of white audience, the natives of SA think of it as a complete waste of time, subjecting to your foul and atrocious mindset as a big womanizer and a heavy drunkard. An honourable mention about your son’s drug addiction is also necessary, thus wrapping up your personal life to be a complete mess up.

Now here’s a thing to contemplate. How can such a multi-tasked evil brain generate any positive opinion?

So, rather than wasting your time and energy on bulldozing your biased thoughts on the country and economy, and to the very least on the ‘President Of South Africa’, start utilizing the same to mend your broken personal life.

In your opinion piece, one of the most highlighted parts to focus on is Helen Zille’s prophesy about the ANC’s future. Her inherent psychology of white supremacy is so hardcore that nothing can come good out of her, especially her opinions about the future of a nation like South Africa where the black population is around 88%.

One thing should be very appreciable of you and your self-proclaimed supremistic white community; All of yours never-ending efforts to oust Zuma (via no-confidence motion) since 2009. He won his 8th no-confidence motion with a clear mandate that too through a secret ballot, thus foiling all your well-planned years of propagandas for the 8th time, and would continue to do so.

Now you should plead your white masters to give up their shamelessly stubborn never-ending efforts to dismantle the democracy of SA (efforts to oust Zuma) and utilize your sluggish time to think and do something good for the society. Rather than propagating your defeated frustration in terms of manipulative news and op-eds against the majority of the native blacks, you should put-in efforts to report all sorts of dilemma and suppression which the native community has been going through since the apartheid.

Let us end this with a gentle piece of advice for you, Peter. There’s a famous saying “People who live in glass houses should never throw stones at others”. Mend on own problems, then give unworthy opinions about the South Africa.

Now, a level of contemplation sets in for all the people of South Africa. Is a disheveled person such as Peter Bruce actually worthy enough to be heard to?

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  • Clara

    Peter Bruce, why can not you be a Journalist for once instead of being a jerk and puppet in the hands of WMC?

  • Nosicelo Mntumni

    I don’t know if Peter Bruce is a real drunkard but I do know that Peter Bruce’s journalism sucks as always. How can a business newsletter like business day allow him to write articles on other than business affairs? His recent emotional commotion on Gupta’s stating they are spying on him wasn’t fascinating at all.

  • Helen R. Miller

    Are you in planning to master all the corrupt practices?