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Johann Rupert’s High-Profile KPMG Conspiracy To Save Pravin Gordhan

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KPMG’s top level executives including its CEO Trevor Hoole, COO Steven Louw, chairperson Ahmed Jaffer and five senior executives have resigned in immediate effect in light of the audit organisation having withdrawn its South African Revenue Service (SARS) “rogue unit” report.

This report by the audit firm got leaked in late 2015 which had confirmed the allegations regarding a rogue spy unit within the SA Revenue Services (SARS) and the then Commissioner of SARS Pravin Gordhan been the mastermind of it.

This report led to a launch of an investigation by the Hawks and the National Prosecuting Authority into the unit, with former finance minister Pravin Gordhan implicated of his active participation in the formation and maintenance of the unit.

Rogue Unit Used To Spy On High-Level Politicians

This rogue unit used to operate outside of the traditional SARS environment, carrying out all sorts of illicit activities such as printing fake SARS cards, bugging & tracking vehicles, conducting surveillance of individuals and disguised themselves as drivers to certain political figures, primarily President Jacob Zuma, EFF’s Julius Malema etc.

According to the reports, the unit was maintained by a set of Pravin’s dependable private army.

As per the sources, this unit also used to maintain an in-house brothel for various political dignitaries who specifically were the stooges of Pravin and Johann.

Johann’s Threatening Influence On KPMG To Withdraw Its SARS Report To Save Pravin Gordhan & Trevor Manuel

KPMG SA, being one of the top 4 audit firms of the nation, has been compelled to take back its SARS report and designate it as invalid, and this whole scenario colludes with the exact time when HAWKS & the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) have launched an investigation against Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel.

This entire setup shows the presence of Johann Rupert and the WMC’s shrewd influence over intimidating KPMG to withdraw its report against Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel, and the white media has been behaving as a watchdog on KPMG through the entire process waiting to pound with fake propaganda against the firm, incase any instructions of WMC goes deaf ears.

As per the Parliamentary Declaration of interest Register, Pravin has considerable amount shares in various Rupert owned companies, one important firm in this regard is British American Tobacco PLC, a company at the time Rupert owned a stake worth over R61 Billion.

KPMG’s Shrewd Strategy To Secure Its Audit License In SA

With such high-profile resignations (or forced to?), KPMG has taken a shrewd step to secure its license and gain public sympathy, thus desperately trying to survive in the SA economy with complete support from the white media. A similar conspiracy by the WMC wing is being undertaken on Mckinsey which can be expected any time soon.

Nhlamu Dlomu has been appointed to succeed Hoole, the firm said in a statement on Friday.

“Steven and I have taken the decision to step down, in the best interests of the firm as it rebuilds and moves forward. I absolutely understand that ultimate responsibility lies with me.

“KPMG South Africa is a firm of hugely talented people and I believe it is the right thing for me to stand down and allow a new CEO to restore public trust and build a firm that once again sets the standard for quality and ethics,” said Hoole.

Apart from the CEO, COO and the Chairman, the following partners will be leaving the firm:

Mike Oddy, head of audit and board member;

Muhammad Saloojee, head of tax and board member;

Herman de Beer, former head of forensic and board member;

John Geel, head of deal advisory; and

Mickey Bove, risk management partner for deal advisory.

8 KMPG Employees Who Resigned


“KPMG South Africa has decided to take disciplinary action seeking dismissal in relation to Jacques Wessels, the Lead Partner on the audits of the non-listed Gupta entities,” the firm said.

KPMG has contacted SARS to repay the R23m fee received for the extensive work with the revenue service firm, or to make a donation for the same amount to charity.

Need Of The Hour: KPMG License Should Be Revoked; Executives Should Be Prosecuted

Amid all the activities in circulation regarding KPMG, the immediate need of the hour is for the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) to immediately revoke the license of KPMG and criminally prosecute all the 8 resigned members for creating a ployed environment to gain sympathy, which in turn is a shrewd move for the firm’s desperate survival.

Owing to such an illicit deed of withdrawing the high-profile SARS report, KPMG’s credibility has completely shattered. Pertaining to this situation, KPMG should repay back billions of rands which they have earned from previous government contracts, as they can negate their own report any day just for the sake of fulfilling WMC’s wishes.

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  • Martiz

    Gupta family is being trapped in a planned manner as they were the biggest threats for the white businessman.

    • Deon Van Zyl

      Yes, criminal scum always are a threat to White business.

  • Clara

    This action of KPMG is just a bluff only,KPMG is suspending its officers and trying to suppress this matter,It is quite clear that KPMG is doing all these thing in under pressure from anyone. It should be checked that who is behind the actions of KPMG.

  • Clara

    KPMG is putting all its depravity on the Gupta family, suspending someone just because of going to someone’s house, it is not right from anywhere. KPMG is trying to defame Gupta and is trying to save himself.

  • Helen R. Miller

    Even the top brass of KPMG doesn’t want to stay with the company and denied to be the part of its misdeeds to plunder the South African economy. Well, if the agents like these are in South Africa, we don’t want more enemies of the state.

  • Tina D. Poland

    The world knows Johann Rupert and his white lobby compelled KPMG to roll-back its SARS report which was showing the involvement of Pravin Gordhan and Trevor Manuel in establishing a rogue unit in SARS.