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WMC Tycoon Rupert Gets Lambasted by Clyde Ramalaine For Racist Comment on RET and Blacks

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WMC tycoon and white media mafia Johann Rupert’s insulting comments on RET, calling it a “code word for theft” are attracting widespread criticism from all quarters of South Africa. After Minister Edna Molewa, Clyde Ramalaine has come firing on all cylinders to pulverize Johann Rupert and his white media colleagues. Ramalaine in an opinion piece dated October 8th, 2017 has put forward factual arguments based on the inertia to progressive change in South Africa, the historical role of the Volkskapitalisme in enabling WMC to engage in state capture, the role of corporate sector in South Africa in widening the gulf between Afrikaans whites and native blacks, the silence of black intellectuals and the dubious role of fake political campaigns like Save SA by corrupt leaders like Pravin Gordhan.

Inertia of Johann Rupert and WMC Towards Progressive Change in South African Economy

Ramalaine has duly acknowledged the truth that the WMC lobby led by Johann Rupert and his like minded racist stooges have held South African economy to ransom by literally derailing all progressive policy initiatives to lift the native blacks out of poverty. He has rightly analyzed the synergies among the WMC, white media and the filthy rich Afrikaans led corporate sector. This evil alliance has indeed tried to resist any progressive change in the economic uplift of blacks since the end of Apartheid in 1994.

Rupert and His WMC Lobby are Successors of the Oppressive ‘Volkskapitalisme’

Johann Rupert and his WMC friends have successfully leveraged the foundations of capital accumulation laid by their forefathers that preached and practised Volkskapitalisme since the last four centuries. During the apartheid regime, the Volkskapitalisme entered into illicit contracts with the racist apartheid leaders to stake claims on mines, mineral resources and large tracts of land. The phenomenon of state capture began with the Volkskapitalisme and continues to this day with the WMC bandits like Johann Rupert.

The Role of Corporate Sector in South Africa in Exploiting the Native Blacks

The corporate sector in South Africa has been at the forefront of exploiting the native blacks. Corporations like ABSA, Rengro, Mcdonald’s and Coca Cola have allowed WMC tyrants like Johann Rupert and select black elites like Cyril Ramaphosa to buy into their stocks, appoint WMC lobby captains at the board level and unapologetically flouted compliance with BBBEE guidelines for participation of blacks in the workforce. The corporate structures of these corporations have marginalized black managers and offered promotions and employee stock options to white managers based on presumptions of the superiority of the whites.

The Silence of Black Intellectuals Has Aided WMC Goons like Johann Rupert

Prof. Noam Chomksy of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in his seminal work “The Responsibility of Intellectuals” had laid a framework for the assessment of the role of intellectuals in society in influencing policy thought for progressive change. It is unfortunate Ramalaine laments. that few black intellectuals have sold out to the WMC lobby to stick to their jobs at institutions and few others have been harassed to silence by white media cronies. The double edged sword of fraudulent buy out and harassment at workplace and beyond of select black intellectuals has enabled Johann Rupert and WMC lobbyists to navigate public policy discourse to their advantage.

Fake Marketing Campaign Save SA Operated by Pravin Gordhan and Sponsored by Johann Rupert

Having pressurized KPMG to withdraw its rogue unit at SARS report, Pravin Gordhan is now operating a fake campaign sponsored covertly by Johann Rupert. Surprisingly it is titled “Save SA”. Having been exposed in the SARS report he has come into his true colours now and is working to fulfil the dreams and ambitions of his WMC boss Johann Rupert.

RET is the Best Medicine for State Capture Cancer Spread by Johann Rupert and WMC Lobby

In 1994 when Nelson Mandela led ANC achieved independence from apartheid, RET was agreed upon as the path to attaining the goals of the National Democratic Revolution for various factual reasons. Johann Rupert in his rejection of RET has shown that he and his WMC lobby of white Afrikaans business community do not want anything to change. First, native blacks consist of 80.2% of the South African population. The universal adult franchise that mandates one vote for one person has allowed Jacob Zuma to come to power based on electoral mandate. Johann Rupert and his WMC goons cannot point fingers at someone like Jacob Zuma. Second, the 3% participation of blacks in the South African economy is a very disheartening statistic, except for heartless WMC tyrants like Jacob Zuma. Statist expansion and regulation of the corporate sector for black empowerment through BBEE is a must. Third, the RET is not about economic growth. RET is about reversing the destructive effects of the Volkskapitalisme and their successors like Johann Rupert. RET is about restructuring the economy. In the twenty first century a Johann Rupert cannot dictate terms to 80.2 % of the population. Either Johann Rupert falls in line with RET or else he falls out.

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  • mphafane.bosch

    Black share ownership in JSE stands at a meager percentage of 13 %, and the likes of Johann Rupert are still blaming ANC for the #statecapture. Well, going by this figure, anyone can understand who the real culprit of #statecapture is and who has the plundered our economy through monopoly capitalism.

  • Mouton

    Whites have owned the economy, they owned the media, and they own the land. One thing they don’t own is the government and now they are trying to capture it as well by blaming incumbent for the #statecapture.