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Johann Rupert’s Conspiracy to Break ANC

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Keeping in view the fast approaching internal elections of African National Congress (ANC) to be held in December 2017, every power hungry politician within the party, belonging either to the white or black race, has started to influence and mobilize their loyalists to ensure the win of their prospective candidate.

We have received irrefutable proof from verified sources who confirm that there is a well laid out conspiracy in motion that is aimed at breaking the ANC into several factions and disempower Zuma and his loyalists to a level that he is ousted in the upcoming internal elections and is not able to gather enough support for the candidate he prefers.

What is really despicable is the fact that this conspiracy is being hatched not by politicians but by businessmen, two big tycoons as they are called – Johann Rupert and Robert Gumede. Publicly, both claim that they have no political ambitions and privately they are known to patronize several politicians and bankroll not only their political campaigns but also their private lives!

Both Rupert and Gumede are currently strategizing their each and every move to perfection. The hotbed of the strategy making sessions is the Polana Serena Hotel, which considered to be one of the finest grand hotels in Africa and undeniably the best hotel in Maputo and throughout Mozambique.

This hotel is a personal favorite of South Africa’s notorious billionaire, Johann Rupert, who is the chief strategist in this dangerous games and the person who is calling all the shots as per the documentary evidence available with us.

The guest records of the hotel establish beyond doubt that Rupert has stayed at the hotel multiple times in recent past. He has spent time there in lengthy meetings and discussions with mostly the same set of people that include some very recognisable names.

Needless to say, the very first name in the list is of Robert Gumede, the controversial black IT billionaire who, despite being a regular funder of ANC in Mpumalanga and a close friend its Premier David Mabuza, has been at the receiving end of the ire of Dlamini-Zuma led home affairs department that rescinded a multi-billion contract awarded to his IT company, Gijima, in 2010. The contract was for overhauling the home affairs infrastructure.

Robert Gumede has reportedly donated millions to the ANC in the province and has always been open about his financial backing of the ANC. He is also a close friend of former ANC treasurer general Mathews Phosa.

Mabuza, who was once considered as Zuma’s staunchest supporter, is now said to be in talks with deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa‘s camp to stand as deputy president in upcoming elections.

Mabuza’s aspirations were till now being bankrolled by his friend of all seasons, Robert Gumede, and this is where the story gets interesting.

Our sources have shared convincing proof that establish beyond doubt that Robert Gumede is double crossing Mabuza and has entered into a secret pact with Johann Rupert to not assist Mabuza realize his aspirations.

Instead, he is to assist another very good friend of his, the former ANC treasurer general and presidential hopeful Mathews Phosa who recently accepted the nomination for ANC president from ANC ward 52 at the Langa Sports complex in Cape Town.

It must be noted that in the late 70s Phosa was accused by ANC intelligence of being a CIA agent.


Now comes the most important question – With such a checkered background, and no national prominence, why would seasoned businessmen like Rupert and Gumede place their bets on Phosa when his chances of winning are virtually non-existent.

The answer is simple, and ingenious. They don’t “want” him to win either!

Our sources are convinced that Rupert and Gumede just want to create enough powerful factions in ANC for it to be weakened and split so as to make sure that there is no chance of any strong candidate and his loyalists to vote for the candidate that Zuma camp is proposing, viz. his ex-wife Dlamini Zuma.

And it does make sense. With a faction rooting for Ramaphosa, another for Mabuza, yet another for Dlamini-Zuma, and now one more for Phosa, the ANC is sure to get entangled in all the infighting. And there would be virtually not enough support for Zuma to hold things together.

A very dangerous and very plausible scenario

What seems to be ingenious is the way Rupert and Gumede are orchestrating the whole plan. So, that their meddling with the upcoming elections does not become public knowledge, all meetings are being conducted at the Polana Serena Hotel in Mozambique, far away from any prying eyes.

The other regulars in these secret meetings are equally big names, including

Paul Mashatile who stays at the hotel with his Indian Girlfriend, who is detested by the hotel staff due to her unruly behaviour.

In return of Rupert’s and Gumede’s support, Mathews Phosa has been assigned with the key responsibility of sorting out the high decibel South African Revenue Service (SARS) ‘rogue unit’ scam case pending against former finance minister, Pravin Gordhan.

Rupert and Gumede seek to gain control of the government and resources of South Africa through their proxy government. And the support they get from the biased media in South Africa is what they are depending upon for the success of their nefarious plans.

As one can now see, this dangerous conspiracy is undoubtedly being hatched by Rupert and Gumede for very selfish reasons, and at stake is the future of the black population and the nation as a whole because these vile forces are aiming to get one of their own paid stooges to replace Zuma and take full control of the nation through this proxy.

Question is, how long will the average South African keep believing what the Rupert owned media tells him or her and do what they want the blacks to do?

A challenge to amaBhungane: Initiate an investigation about this conspiracy

We have irrefutable evidences in support this story. Now, we challenge the infamous investigative journalism agency ‘amaBhungane‘ and all the white media houses to initiate a probe into this high-profile conspiracy by recovering and examining the records and CCTV footage of the meetings from the hotel and to interrogate its officials to shed more light onto the facts of this case.

However, we must put it on record that we least expect an investigation to be “really” initiated by any of the media houses owned or funded by Rupert or one of his friends. These media houses are no more that #WMC stooges. They just might be fully aware of the conspiracy and the numerous meetings, and have intentionally avoided to report them under the strict instructions of their white bosses.

It is so obvious of #WMC to have plotted such a high-profile drama ahead of the forthcoming ANC internal elections due for December this year. But any probe against such scandals is always avoided, as all the resources to undertake the probe are in the #WMC kitty.

WMCLeaks is the only one who has pledged its heart and soul to help out the SA natives by scrutinizing and bringing such secret evil conspiracies of #WMC out in the open.

We seek the help and support of our black brothers and sisters to power our ferocious battle against the WMC forces. Keep reading our stories and share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you!

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  • Helen R. Miller

    Whites seem to be all set to dismantle #ANC…but unfortunately you guys are going to fail..because however hard you try…what is deserving will win at last..!

    • Clara


  • Nosicelo Mntumni

    Unfortunately, the Snakes feeding in the sleeves of the ANC are backed by #wmcbosse..it is a serious problem for efficient working of the Zuma’s government.

  • Bane

    Foreign Indian family? What about other white foreigners, are they African citizen? so you should think twice before saying “foreign” Indian family, anyone can do business in any country & can you name a single clean white politician after Apartheid who did not scramble the South Africans economy, even though, the corruption charges has not yet proven against Indian family but media’s hype has made them already guilty. However, treasury & banking scam had smashed backbone of the economy. Not a single media house featured the story? Why?

  • Clara

    May be you have missed her last colonialism tweet:..

    • Simon the Sowetan

      It is time to start looking forward, while you are looking back you can not make forward progress. WMC is to keep the masses blindfolded.

  • Clara

    Why would Zuma dismantle the ANC, why would he create trouble for himself?

    • Shareen Thomas-Thude

      duh …. really? how is that even a question Clara? He is too set on his own jackpot to even realise he is dismantling his own power machine 🙂