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Ferial Haffajee, A Bare Face Liar On Rainbow Nation Dream, Is Known For Galvanizing Myths

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The opinion piece dated August 9, 2017 penned by Ferial Haffajee falsely targets Jacob Zuma. Haffajee, a WMC spokesperson is an old hand that has mastered the art of galvanizing myths to present cooked up stories. Her obvious collusion with the WMC lobby has been amply exhibited on multiple occasions when she has taken the side of other white media colleagues to lament the state of affairs in South Africa and shed crocodile tears on the so-called death of the rainbow nation dream.

Presenting, President Zuma as the Teflon Man, she has reached the zenith of hypocrisy. The fallacy of composition in her opinion piece can be gauged from the fact that she has held Jacob Zuma responsible for this. We lay threadbare all the arguments with evidences.

Haffajee’s Ideological Construction of Rainbow Nation Dream Represents Aspirations Of WMC

Haffajee’s book, “What If There Were no Whites in South Africa?” allowed readers to get a bird’s eye view into her mind that has over years been conditioned. She has trained herself to despise of the black natives and lament their racial inferiority. She is one of those with the holier than thou attitude that thinks that the colonial land capture by the whites was necessary to civilize the native blacks.

This sentiment reverberates across the opinion piece as well. Jacob Zuma is not opposed to a rainbow nation dream as long as it refers to a multicultural society, but vehemently opposes it to the extent that it justifies the racial oppression unleashed by the whites on the native blacks. While it may be boring to look at the rainbow dream through the lens of the past, Haffajee in the opinion piece draws her attention to the recent past. It is the context of the post apartheid period that she builds her false narrative for immorally blaming Zuma. Post-apartheid South Africa was not built on thin air. It was built on the colonial foundations of not just racism but the destruction of the history, culture, religion and linguistic glory of the indigenous black natives.

The statement may appear subversive if not paradoxical that if there were no whites in South Africa, WMC would have died in its stages of infancy. This truth we are sure will cause tremendous agony to Haffajee and her gang of white media colleagues that are making a career out of cooked stories against Jacob Zuma.

Haffajee’s Unfair Allegations Against Gupta’s And Jacob Zuma On State Capture

Haffajee has falsely alleged state capture against Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family. She falsely contends that the Gupta family has benefited from their cordial relations with Jacob Zuma. She resorts to the populist jargon of “state capture”. Let us lay down the corpse of this dead argument of state capture on the surgical table for a dissection of its intellectual anatomy.

  • State capture has historical roots. In South Africa state capture dates back to the colonial times,  when the natives were uprooted from their land, had their languages and culture destroyed. Does Haffajee and her white media gang care to reverse the damages caused by the state capture done by the colonialists? The answer is no. Jacob Zuma has taken up the responsibility to dismantle the structure of the colonial state. This is evident in his policy initiatives of RET, National Development Plan 2030 and BBBEE.
  • An argument that Haffajee had given in her book “What If There Were no Whites in South Africa?” saying that even the distribution of all the wealth owned by the 8% white Afrikaner community shall not suffice in removing the poverty of the blacks, shows her racist and colonial mindset. She simply cannot digest the fact that the Gupta family has eaten into the market share of WMC led companies and penetrated the market entry barriers imposed on them by the WMC.
  • Will Haffajee and her white media colleagues accept that in reality the WMC lobby cannot digest the fact that a non-white business family (the Guptas) have beaten them at their own game and on their own turf? The Gupta family has followed text book compliance in its adoption of the BBBEE guidelines on inclusion of black natives in its workforce. What are Haffajee’s priorities? What are the priorities of the WMC lobby? Will they acknowledge the efforts of the Gupta family in creating jobs for 7500 black natives in the same vein that they cry foul?

Unlike Haffajee’s contention that some archbishop will lead South Africa towards the realization of a rainbow dream, corporations like Oakbay Investments that implement the guidelines of BBBEE are more likely to fulfil the dream of the rainbow nation. WMC lobby and Haffajee must begin to admit and respect the latest addition of a colour to the rainbow – The Guptas.

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  • Helen R. Miller

    As the South African natives, we are still facing the heat from these WMC morons; god knows, by what time, we will be free from their evil clutches.

  • Nosicelo Mntumni

    There is a limit for everything, but it seems, there is no limit of sycophancy for Ferial Haffajee. She can go to every extent to protect the image of her white masters and always ready to malign anyone’s character who tries to come across in their ways.

  • mphafane.bosch

    By going through this report, this lady called Ferial Haffajee doesn’t look like a journalist, as she is simply carrying the WMC capitalism agenda and calling names everyone raising voice against white dominance.

  • kwanele

    As the South African natives, we are still facing the heat from these WMC morons; god knows, by what time, we will become free from their evil clutches.

  • Bane

    What kind of rainbow nation are you talking about? You and disgraceful lobby have already plundered South African economy very badly and now accusing Zuma of all misdeeds you did.