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Exposed: How Pravin Gordhan Counselled Pauw’s “The President’s Keepers” To Completion

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Journalist Jacques Pauw’s highly controversial book ‘The President’s Keepers’ has finally been certified as a major white media propaganda tool profoundly incited by an influential group led by former finance minister Pravin Gordhan which is pushing for Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa as the next ANC leader. According to the ‘Sunday Independent‘ trusted sources, this book is a byproduct of several meetings between Pauw, Gordhan, former intelligence head Moe Shaik as well as former SARS top executives Ivan Pillay and Johann van Loggerenberg.

The controversial book has raised many authentic questions concerning its high-profile allegations (with no evidence whatsoever) on President Zuma and his close associates. For instance, the book has revealed an alleged plot as to how President Zuma had quashed his massive R63 million tax bill, how he failed to submit his tax returns during the first 5 years of his presidency, and how a fat cheque was received by him every month from an anonymous friend. Apart from that, there have been many non-reliant allegations against ANC presidential hopeful Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma for receiving cash and material support for her campaign from controversial cigarette manufacturer Adriano Mazzotti.

All information mentioned in this book regarding affairs at SARS were provided by Gordhan, Pillay and Van Loggenberg, while the information on State Security Agency (SSA), especially the alleged looting of millions from the agency’s ‘Principal Agent Network’ (PAN) sludge fund, was provided by Moe Shaik.

Sources further reveal that at one of the meetings held in Stellenbosch, Pauw was given consent by an influential businessman to publish all information provided by Gordhan and his team. During the same meeting, Pauw had also raised concerns about the possible lawsuits which would follow upon publication of such information for which he was assured to be handsomely compensated. Pauw’s anxiety indeed came through as he is facing a series of lawsuits for which he has been seen demanding the compensation from Gordhan and his Stellenbosch boss.

Pauw indeed published lies following an apology for it

Among many litigation cases filed against Pauw, one of the petitioners is the former intelligence operative George Darmanovich, whom Pauw describes in the book as “a chunky serb with a bull terrier-like appearance”.

Pauw describes Darmanovich as the very person who had warned him in 2014 about the SARS executive Johann Loggerenberg who was going to be fired and that the Special Operations Unit (SOU) was digging dirt against him and the SARS top executive Ivan Pillay.

Darmanovich, in an interview with The Sunday Independent, has described Pauw to be a ‘serial liar’. According to an authentic email dated March 2, 2017 sent by Pauw to Darmanovich, Pauw had apologized to him about the propaganda news he had written against him in the City Press in 2014.

“I’m writing to you because I was wrong in August 2014 to have implicated you in the demise of Johann Loggerenberg and the SARS Rogue unit. I found out afterwards that it was not the SOU that fucked Johann and SARS investigations unit, but the Economic Intelligence Unit. I was fed wrong information. It was so convincing that I believed it. I believed that you were personally involved in the mess. I was played, played very very convincingly. If I ever see you again, I will explain to you,” Pauw wrote to Darmanovich.

In the same email, Pauw added: “I didn’t get paid to publish the SOU story. I can assure you. But there is/was definitely a faction that wanted to get rid of you and smear you – and Inzo I think.” Inzo Ismail is the former head of special operations at SSA.

Darmanovich has specifically come out to say that “after writing an apology to him, Pauw wrote the same lies for which he had apologized for.” This email itself completely exposes the propaganda strategically built and presented by Pauw.

SSA has also confirmed of laying charges against specific individuals but declined to name.

Shaik helped Gordhan in the conspiracy

Responding to questions sent to him, Moe Shaik said he met Pauw when the latter sent him questions regarding the matters that occurred prior to his employ as the head of the secret services and that he didn’t provide any info about PAN or any other matter that occurred during his tenure in the services.

He further said that he is unaware of any charges laid against him by SSA, and there is no basis for criminal charges against him as he has not violated any oath whatsoever.

SSA director-general ‘Arthur Fraser’ also falsely implicated

Another petitioner who has sued Pauw is the family of the director-general of the SSA, Arthur Fraser which has implied that the book is Pauw’s “enthusiasm to influence ruling party politics and 2019 general elections”.

Pauw has falsely envisaged some of the co-incidental connections about the Fraser family such  as allegations about a Fraser sister married to all powerful intelligence officer Graham Engel, and that Barry Fraser was the director of a company and NGO that benefited from PAN.

Barry Fraser has disgustedly said that if Pauw had followed “basic tenets of journalism – verifying information and giving the other party the right to reply – he wouldn’t have got it all wrong”.

According to The Sunday Independent, Jacques Pauw has also been served with legal defamation lawsuit notice by SARS and its commissioner Tom Moyane.

“SARS wishes to reiterate that it is a criminal offence for any current and former SARS employees to discuss or divulge SARS information to anyone, and SARS will take action should such evidences surface.

“This is in line with the Tax Administration Act, 2011, especially Section 69, that prohibits the disclosure of taxpayers’ information.”


(Source: The Sunday Independent)

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