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Cyril Ramaphosa: A Cheater, A Morally Corrupt Politician & A Serial Womanizer

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A series of leaked emails from the personal account of the Deputy President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa has recently surfaced exposing Cyril’s multiple affairs with at least 8 different women.

Steven Motale, the editor of Sunday Independent, who is currently in possession of these leaked emails, has released a major Sunday Independent front page expose titled ‘Ramaphosa, The Player’ today revealing independent email conversations of Cyril with 3 of his women. According to reports, Cyril holds 3 alternative email accounts under fake names, which he uses to communicate with his women. The emails go by the names of Mambo Dimbanyika, Singo Mabirimisa and Mambo Vele La Mbeu.

The communications within the emails state that one of the women with whom Cyril has had a relationship for around 10 years had miscarried his baby. Cyril calls her by the name ‘Mukhethwa’ (The Chosen One). Throughout the conversation between these two, the woman seems to be broken-hearted and really depressed about the damn care attitude of Ramaphosa towards her. There are several situations in the communication where she has begged for Ramaphosa’s sympathy such as asking him whether losing her baby was a sad moment or a relief for him, why he had bought her a ring etc. Further in their conversations, Ramaphosa had transferred considerable amounts of money to her for buying television set, couch and tool storage house.

Contrary to the communications of the emails, the woman when approached with questions pertaining to this by the Sunday Independent, confirmed her miscarriage, but denied that Ramaphosa was the father. Though she affirmed her romantic relationship with Ramaphosa, she currently claims to have a strict professional relationship with Ramaphosa.

In the email conversations with another woman, a 29-year-old marketing student, evidences show that she has been sending erotic pictures and very intimate videos dedicated to Ramaphosa. Further revelations are also made as to how she and Ramaphosa met in 2012 when she was pregnant with another man’s child. There are specific conversations held in July, 2014, in which the woman asked Ramaphosa for financial assistance followed by thousands of rands being received by her. The emails between the pair also show about the plans of the woman willing to have a baby with Ramaphosa.

The woman, upon approached with questions by the Sunday Independent, denied any relationship with Ramaphosa, but confirmed dating a married man. She said “Impossible all your speculations are not true. I don’t have a romantic relationship with him. I repeat, please, I don’t know how you can try discriminate (sic) a man who has never heard of me.”

Further into the email conversations, Ramaphosa has had a romantic affair with another woman who is also a medical practitioner. Upon approached with questions by the Sunday Independent, she is yet to respond.

With such a massive expose on Ramaphosa’s womanizing conduct, his current wife, Tshepo Motsepe, who is also a medical doctor has not given any public statement as of now.

The supporting white media, who is very prominent and aggressive on its approach of spreading propaganda news, has suddenly imbibed a defensive mode in favor of Ramaphosa by presenting this womanizing activity as legal (Polygamy being legal), thus raising many questions from the nation’s native community.

In a desperate attempt to gag The Sunday Independent, Ramaphosa on Saturday night approached the high court in Joburg on an extremely urgent basis to prevent the newspaper from publishing this article with an argument that the publication of the article and future publications about it would harm his privacy and reputation. But The Sunday Independent argued back that the information was not private and was in the public interest.

Judge Bashir Vally handed down his decision just before the printers began rolling at 9.15 on Saturday night. He dismissed Ramaphosa’s application on the basis that his case failed at the first hurdle it encountered – he had not explained why his case was urgent in the circumstances.

Ramaphosa was ordered to pay the costs, including the costs of two counsel.

The Sunday Independent has verified that further email conversations with the rest of the Ramaphosa’s women would be published in future editions.


(Courtesy : The Sunday Independent)

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  • Helen R. Miller

    what else can be expected from such a coward?

    • Mark D. Mobley

      Cyril is enjoying the dividends of being black, people trust him like his own man, however, it is just his color, in reality, he is with whites, owning white organizations, escorting corrupt politicians.

  • Clara

    South Africa is going through a lot because these idiots are sitting in the power, they are doing what they want without being afraid of anything.

  • Tina D. Poland

    This is hilarious, the same man was bragging about to change the way of politics a few days back, his comrade was supporting him and he was bitching behind.

    • Mouton

      He shows, through his attempt to silence the media, that he is singularly not fit to be President of this country.

  • Bane

    The same guy who fired from the Citizen last year for praising Zuma, now he found his voice again.

    • Helen R. Miller

      A suppressed voice raise it again.

  • Graciee

    Such irresponsible and corrupt men we elect to be our leaders. It is shameful. I hope Ramaphosa does not gain control of the country’s reins. He, along with his wmc cronies, are very capable of plundering the country without giving a damn about the citizens.

  • Vee Bamboo

    pathetic state of politics. Cheating and blinding the people has become the order of the day. Fortunately, this leak is a huge setback for the hypocritical white supporters of Ramaphosa.

  • Graciee

    Seriously we have had enough of the WMC lobbyists and puppet candidates like Ramaphosa digging into the country’s resources for personal gains. Down with them.

  • Martiz

    White media breaks all the barriers of shame in order to defend Ramaphosa, It is very shameful that we have such a shameless person as our Leader.

  • Martiz

    He is a pure greedy businessman who always support, praise and impresses the white monopoly capitalist, It is quite clear that he favored the capitalism over socialism post-Apartheid.

  • This guy is an agent of the Afrikaner Broederbond, his handler is Roelf Meyer.