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Corrupt Ramaphosa Deploys Brother Douglas To Run His Illicit Businesses; Sipho Pityana Obliges

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Rewind to the year 2014 when Cyril Ramaphosa had announced his second innings in politics. Many in South Africa thought of the new avatar of Cyril Ramaphosa as a symbol of him having to re-build and re-boot from scratch.

What appeared as a fresh start to Cyril’s political career and the climax of his corporate career was in reality an inflexion point. By 2014 Cyril Ramaphosa had already deployed his brother Douglas Ramaphosa to lead his business empire. As Cyril began to warm up in 2016 for the incoming ANC leadership polls to happen the following year, his close ally Sipho Pityana began to relay false NGO styled smear campaigns against Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family under the banners of #SaveSA and #Corruptionwatch. It allowed Cyril to fool the nation into believing his announcement of having retired from business and paved the path for him to stage a smooth comeback into politics.

Douglas Ramaphosa smoothly slipped into the shoes of his more illustrious brother Cyril in the business empire without anybody taking cognizance of it. The #SaveSA and #Corruptionwatch campaigns running parallel in the background were making the noises to tarnish the reputation of Jacob Zuma and the Guptas. The white media’s extensive coverage of such smear campaigns cleared the path for Cyril Ramaphosa to run for the top position in ANC, even as his brother Douglas operated under Cyril’s shadows to keep the business machine alive and ticking.

Cyril’s business empire had always received financial, tactical and legal support from the WMC corporate lobby. In fact the WMC lobby was instrumental in warming up the engines of Cyril’s business machine since the days of the Anglo American Corporation deal. In the later years this support continued through Cyril’s ventures at Lonmin and Shanduka, to name a few.

This long standing friendliness between Cyril Ramaphosa and the WMC lobby is based on a tacit non-aggression pact wherein they have by implicit consensus decided to abstain from attacking one another’s business and political interests. Cyril shall never do anything to breach this unwritten code of trust with the WMC. Cyril stands on a platform erected by the WMC lobby. He would do nothing to destabilize it. It is this reciprocation of silent favours that has safeguarded Cyril’s business and political ventures.

The deployment of his brother Douglas Ramaphosa to officiate the business empire on his behalf and Sipho Pityana to orchestrate the #Save SA campaign for a regime change has allowed Cyril to extend his time tested strategy to protect both his business and political careers.

Cyril Ramaphosa connection with Douglas Ramaphosa and Sipho Pityana


The Shadow Operatives of Cyril Ramaphosa: Douglas Ramaphosa and Sipho Pityana

Cyril Ramaphosa, as we had reported in our earlier article Corrupt Cyril Ramaphosa Plans to Loot Billions from NHI via Secretive Brother Douglas Ramaphosa has a secretive brother Douglas Ramaphosa who manages Cyril’s businesses.

Douglas Ramaphosa is a seasoned WMC corporate veteran occupying top management level positions across various groups. Currently he serves on the chairs of various executive committees and board memberships of Altron Group, a giant WMC diversified business conglomerate with interests in diverse verticals and access to SOE contracts.

Cyril’s ascension to throne required him to secretly break the trust that majority black natives have in Jacob Zuma. This called for a false campaign to foment trouble, anarchy and dissent by shrouding it in a cloak of NGO styled civil society campaign. The man in the cloak that did and continues to operate the strategic propaganda for Cyril, through the WMC financed #SaveSA and #Corruptionwatch campaigns is Sipho Pityana. The #Save SA has leveraged all possible resources in the white media network to falsely implicate Jacob Zuma and Guptas of wrong doings even in the absence of any evidence what so ever against them!

Douglas Ramaphosa and Sipho Pityana are bound by common business interests in two companies namely the Altron Group and Izingwe Holdings. Sipho Pityana shares valuable corporate level directorships across Altron Group subsidiaries and holding companies with Douglas Ramaphosa and a vast majority of the executive committee members and directors of Altron’s SBU portfolio are whites, thereby channelizing WMC corporate finance for the #SaveSA campaign. Douglas Ramaphosa is strategically placed in Altron Group to procure state contracts awarded by his brother Cyril once the latter captures power.

Douglas Ramaphosa and Sipho Pityana Nexus


A WMC Strategic Plan with a Long Term Vision: The Ramaphosa Dynasty

The long term strategic plan has been envisaged by Cyril after calculating the following pay-offs:

First, it allows backdoor corporate WMC financing of Sipho Pityana’s fraudulent #SaveSA campaign to foment anarchy against the Jacob Zuma and the Guptas. A power vacuum is created.

Second, Cyril Ramaphosa ascends to the throne. The regime change is executed.

Third, the business machine continues to mint money by centralizing equity stake holdings, ESOPs and corporate C-suite compensations of Douglas Ramaphosa and Cyril Ramaphosa’s access to the multi-million rand state coffers. It virtually entrenches the Ramaphosa dynasty in the polity and economy of South Africa, such that it becomes impossible to remove their rule.

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  • Jonkar

    Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, a South African Businessman, Politician, activist, and trade union leader, a womanizer and a Killer is more popular for his wealth these days. It’s very surprising that his wealth has got increased 39 percent compare to last capital. As per one of the top Magazine, Forbes, He is one the richest men with his wealth $675 million, even a detailed report was published by Sunday Times for his total wealth that is 3.1 billion.

  • mamalefu mokoena

    Cyril Ramaphosa is a known WMC stooge, he knows very well how to fool people. He has been doing this for years. Ramaphosa along with his brothers have conspired against the whole nation. He came in politics for the power and his hidden business has kept financing his ill activities.

  • Jonkar

    An Eye Opener Article for All Those Who still want Ramaphosa to Lead.

  • Jonkar

    There’s much more to say about Ramaphosa and his allegiance to WMC boss Johann Rupert but now it is up to the people and the judiciary to decide how a culprit like Ramaphosa should be dealt with.

  • mamalefu mokoena

    The #SaveSA and #Corruptionwatch campaigns were just the starting point of the series of propaganda led by Ramaphosa and his white monopoly masters. They have created a political chaos in the country just to defame Guptas and remove Zuma from the president’s office.