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Corrupt Cyril Ramaphosa Plans to Loot Billions from NHI via Secretive Brother Douglas Ramaphosa

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Fresh evidence has emerged on our earlier report of Cyril Ramaphosa’s shadow venture capitalism worth billions en route his brother Douglas that prove his corporate swansong announcement a big hoax. Douglas​ ​Foster’s​ ​book,​ ​“After​ ​Mandela:​ ​The​ ​Struggle​ ​for​ ​Freedom​ ​in​ ​Post-Apartheid South​ ​Africa,”​ offers insight into the biggest nepotism act in the realpolitik of South Africa by the Cyril Ramaphosa family.

Little is known on Douglas, Cyril’s secretive brother to the mainstream media because of a well-crafted shadow profile and media engagement to keep the family’s mega corporate and political interests clandestine. Douglas, a former corporate executive has held key positions and board memberships at various white corporations and SOEs.

He commands a network of white industrialists and political heads. Brothers Cyril and Douglas Ramaphosa leverage contacts entrenched in key corporate and political positions to funnel state finances worth billions into the family secretly. Evidence on Douglas Ramaphosa’s far reaching stranglehold on key corporate positions and board memberships is attached herewith.

Douglas Ramaphosa’s Role and Position in the Altron Group

Douglas Ramaphosa is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Bytes Healthcare Solutions at Bytes Technology Group Limited, a holding company of the diversified business conglomerate Altron Group.

Altron Group has a large and diversified business portfolio with interests in the verticals of heavy engineering and switch gear (Altron Power), multimedia and electronics (Altron TMT), telecom (Altron TMT Telecomms) and information technology (Altron TMT Information Technology).

Bytes Health Care Solutions through its two strategic business units (SBUs) Med-e-mass and Mediswitch represents the foray of Altron Group into the health care services management domain.

‘The Grand Plan’: NHI Billions About To Be Looted

Our brief investigations show that ALTRON and its principal subsidiaries such as Bytes Technology Group are well placed to get a stake in NHI through offering healthcare IT management systems that may assist in the management of healthcare insurance efficiently. It is plausible that Mediswitch may assist in the efficient management of healthcare insurance claims which is what it does currently.

“These prophetic words from our minister of health, perhaps more than any other on the subject of the NHI, have motivated the MediSwitch team to prepare this booklet on how our company’s experience, products, skills and resources can be out to use to help the Department of Health implement a successful and NHI scheme for all South Africans.”

– Peter Kennedy, MD – MediSwitch


“I would like to appeal to consider that the NHI has significance way beyond the field of healthcare. The central challenge to the stability and well-being of our nation is reducing the deep inequalities between rich and poor, between privilege and deprivation.

This goes to the heart of South Africa’s future, NHI is one very meaningful way to reach across the wealth gap and to recognise our common humanity as South Africans.

We all bleed, we all experience pain, we all need decent healthcare.”

– Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, Minister of Health



The National Health Insurance started in the year 2012 is a health financing system designed to create a huge corpus of funds for universal health coverage for all South Africans. This Jacob Zuma policy initiative provides every South African a right to access comprehensive healthcare free at the point of use of the NHI card across clinics, hospitals and private health practitioners.

The NHI shall operate through a cloud computing platform to be built, owned and operated by a vendor corporation to be awarded the tender by the Government of South Africa. The scope, size and scale of the project NHI encompasses, makes it the most lucrative state contract for IT companies to vouch for.


The plan is premised on the deployment of:

  • Legal sanction to Cyril Ramaphosa’s access to financial resources at the NHI in the capacity of the head of the state executive and
  • The strategic interface between the offices of brothers Cyril Ramaphosa at the state executive and Douglas Ramaphosa at Altron Group.

The interface between the offices of head of the executive of South Africa and that of the CEO of Bytes Healthcare Solutions shall serve as the means to funnel out state financial resources worth billions into the pockets of private individuals.

The scenario analysed above points to a comprehensive capture of the economy and the state by Ramaphosa brothers leaking billions from the balance sheet of the NHI, turning a project for public welfare into that for private gains. The phenomenon of monopoly capital first coined by American economists Paul Baran and Paul Sweezy (Monopoly Capital: An Essay on the American Economic and Social Order, 1966, Monthly Review Press), as evidenced above operates through a complex network of quid pro quo relationships among individuals like Cyril and Douglas Ramaphosa that occupy offices having legal sanction.

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  • Lucy Somo

    White media never wanted any of the Ramaphosa secrets to come out in the open because they know that all of his dirty dark secrets can affect his forthcoming presidential bid, and therefore they don’t talk about his brother or other family members.

  • Thamo D

    The book on Zuma made all kind of news which by the way contains all fake allegations, But the book “After Mandela: The Struggle for Freedom in Post-Apartheid South Africa” which reveals all the dark secrets of Ramaphosa and his family did not made news because white media does not want it.

  • Sizwe Maseko

    Now where are Ferial Haffajee, Adriaan Basson and other white media journalists who were selling the book “The Kanga and the Kangaroo Court” that accused Zuma of being a rapist now why don’t they sell “After Mandela: The Struggle for Freedom in Post-Apartheid South Africa” that reveals the truth behind Ramaphosa and his family?

  • Khomoto M

    Ramaphosa brothers are no less than white capitalists like Johann Rupert when it comes to economic loot. The only difference is that everyone is aware of Rupert’s act and Ramaphosa brothers are under cover.

  • Bervely Bapela

    NHI is being looted. This revelation is huge. This is real state capture which never comes in the open and Ramaphosa brothers would pursue it so as to plunder billions of rands.

  • Nomfundo Mando

    The NHI project started by the President Zuma was for public welfare but these Ramaphosa brothers turned it into a “Ramaphosa Welfare Project”.

  • Carmen Shinga

    A mere thought of Ramaphosa becoming the President scares me. If he can create Marikana Massacre just hold a top position in a company then think what he can do after being the President. I don’t want apartheid era to come back.