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ANC MPs Betrayal Team – Zuma Stands Tall

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Yet another decisive victory for the democratic principles of ANC and the president Jacob Zuma. A serious attempt to unseat Zuma in no-confidence motion has been successfully defeated by the integrity of ANC; thanks to the 198 ANC MPs who have voted against this motion and registered their staunch support to the pro-black nationalistic policies of the president. Apart from fighting the opposition, this time ANC had to go a step ahead in fighting against an internal war within the party itself where a separate faction within it led by Cyril Ramaphosa and Pravin Gordhan had voted against the mandate of ANC.

Martin Luther King Jr once said; “You will long forget the words of your enemies, but you will always remember the silence of your friends” is simply describing this situation, as Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has been maintaining a conspicuous silence over his stand on the no-confidence motion from the past few days. But his efforts have spoken on the behalf of his silence, as only his negative influence which has compelled 25 of the ANC members (including himself) voting against his own party along with another 151 opposition MPs, but all efforts have gone in vain, as the mandate of the public has turned against his faction.

Here are the list of 25 ANC MPs who have voted against Zuma:

MP List

This backstabbing behavior of Cyril Ramaphosa is clearly indicating his desperation for power through any unethical means. But a man of his words, self-proclaimed though, rather than coming out in the open in opposition to his own party, he could have waited for the 2017 ANC internal elections to prove his caliber.

The defeat of this mischievous motion of no-confidence will end the dreams of the likes of Cyril Ramaphosa and Pravin Gordhan to run for the presidency and their ambition to establish the regime against the will of their own people.

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  • Mark D. Mobley

    Before motion of confidence took place in the parliament, all media houses hyped the situation determining that president is losing the battle. Most of them have celebrated the victory before this results. If they were so certain about the result, they must have paid ANC members for the betrayal but it seems few ANC members have betrayed them to losing the battle.

    • thobile

      They betrayed those who wanted them to betray their party. They taught them a lesson they’ll never forget in their lifetime in politics and that also helped in exposing these betrayalists above.

      • Mark D. Mobley

        ANC has a soft loopholes, they have been used.

  • Rachel Lakhi



    we stand to be corrected but the fact is that only opposition is feeling the pain of Zuma leadership, the so called loyalist should be scrutinized to find out why they are still standing for president even though it is becoming clear that country future is at stake, can we still regards them as loyalists? if it can found that reason for continiuos support for president is influenced by thier own skeletons, president has from time to time said he knows people who are helping themself with countrys wealth, question is who are those people and why president decided not to expose them, it can be concluded that his silence is meant to hold those people at ransom they today find themself compelled to support him whether they like it or not, beside can we correctly say it still makes sense for ANc to keep on Presedent Zuma, the whole country not only opposition parties are worried about deteriorating state of RSA as country under leadership of sitting presedent, it was said ANc members find it difficult to support motion supported by opposition, was it not after all effort to call president to resign fail, i personally would not want to call those MPs betralist rather indegenous South African who are prepared to risk their political careers in other to safe thier country

  • Thulas MKhize

    The No-Confidence motion was not just a mean to take out the President but this was a 3 phase attempt
    1. To take out the President
    2. To infiltrate the ANC and plant divisions within it through this Secrete ballot. This was clearly won by the Opposition as it stands this list above is clear sign of ANC divided. ANC may continue to celebrate the President still stands in the Office but the cracks on the ground he’s standing on are becoming big and dangerous.
    3. This is part of the 2019 general elections by the opposition to ensure that getting there with a weaker ANC, an ANC divided with a complete 0% trust in it leadership. The ANC masses are ton apart with some saying ZUMA is the way and some are saying ZUMA must fall.

    To the ANC this is victory not worth celebrating, at list not with naive tendency. What the ANC should do henceforth;

    1. From the NEC & NWC seat and discuss the Economic Policy because it the 1st primary reason that coursed all this havoc. The idea of the Country’s economy going EAST as opposed to the standard WEST. The battle is not because ZUMA is Corrupt but because ZUMA in his Presidency signed up with BRICS (EAST) and all the countries in the G20 (WEST led) are at war because the economy that they fill very entitled to is fast escaping their hands.

    2. Revive the ANC Political classes and disseminate vital info and teachings to the regions and the branches starting now because the ANC will only launch it manifesto and start visiting people on Door-to-Door in 2019 while the Opposition started thier’s during the 2016 Local Elections. They will be 3 years ahead by the time you start.

    3. Confront the general public and start small debates on the social issues like Employment, Starting Businesses, Health, Farming just to name a few. This is the only way your people will start to regain trust in you again.

    ANC please remember that we are almost 24 years into democracy and the people you’ve always relied on in Voting you have gotten old and the younger generation does not care who died for who all they care about who says what that makes sense. And wena ANC you are silent while the Opposition talks so start talking.

    I am former CARD Holder who was let down by my branch years ago because you ANC decided it was bad to listen to your own people. People who voiced out their minds were out the door strategically. Ask yourself where does the EFF get such numbers from? it your members ANC that you decided are no longer important and if you keep that the people will suffer because this Freedom that abo Tambo, Sisulu, Hani died for will be back in the hands of the white so quick you not even remember the 24 years in Government ever existed.

    Thulas Mkhize

  • thobile

    let these self-serving sellouts leave us as they sold our votes to the opposition, SIES.
    Well done Mbete for allowing secret ballot so that we could see these SNAKES.
    Well done again to those who were also paid but was able to toe the party line and betrayed those regime changers who bribed them.

    MR JZ: Take the money from those who bribe you and use it to take care of your children, but don’t sell your party. ha ha ha.

  • Nosicelo Mntumni

    I think ANC has gone through a rough time since Gupta stooge, the outrageous media of South Africa was looking for a loophole in Zuma’s leadership to catch him on a nest. A while back, almost every media house raised many questions on Zuma, all headlines, TV channels telecasted the same repeated story again & again, I agree that media must show the transparency but they should also avoid exaggeration of facts.

  • Shadrack Motswai

    How secret was the secret ballot?
    The parliament electoral commission must account for this embarrassment.
    The whole voting excersice must be declared null and void
    Vote again or else all people named must sue the opposition parties involved and teach them a lesson

    • Jabu Jabu

      Do be stupid ,why we have spy and secret services and FBI

  • German

    If it’s indeed like that, what about him voted out?????

  • Anthony Leisegang

    So many heroes trying to save Chief Luthuli’s and the later-life Nelson Mandela’s ANC, but not enough.
    The rest of Members don’t know what we fought for — certainly not their back pockets!!!

  • Louis Enock

    What’s your argument?

  • Ashleigh ‘Ashingthefloorfull’

    If only people knew the truth of the situation, I and the majority of South Africa fully support the motion of no confidence, though disappointed to see the results this is but another nail in the coffin for Zuma.

    “Give a man enough rope and he shall hang himself”

    It’s a disgrace and an absolute joke that someone would write such an article.
    You’re either “playing media” as per the norm or clearly have no clue what you’re talking about.
    To support Zuma, a “dictator” within democracy and an out right criminal, or any of his “supporters” is to be a criminal yourself, as you only steal from yourself.
    Those who follow suit outside of South Africa have no right to comment on such a matter that does not concern or impact upon them.
    For anyone who does in support of Zuma should come live here, understand and repeat your words, then you may call yourself a criminal.
    Atleast your well paired with your opinion after doing so…

    To Cyril Ramaphosa, “Well done!! It may not be a victory, but indeed a statement!!” – A.T Ferreira, proudly a South African citizen from the good old city of Johannesburg.

    As for MY PRESIDENT, “Zuma is a name now given to nothing more than a past, welcome to a new age I call ‘South Africa’. Measure your rope and let us know if you need more… We’ll send you, your supporters and your ideals to an outcome well deserved with the full support of the nation, therefore I hope your counting, I know we are…”