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ANC’s Election A Fight of Two Ideologies: Dlamini’s RET or Ramaphosa’s WMC Deal

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The race for the ANC presidency is nearing its climax and within a span of few days, the ANC and the natives would see for themselves which way the country would be heading. South Africans without doubt prefer Dlamini as the new ANC leader, for the natives see in her the ethnic vision of a unifier, unlike Ramaphosa whose vision and perception of democracy is formulated in accordance with the Stellenbosch dwellers, whose main motive has been to capture the entire economy.

The WMC barons residing in Stellenbosch are trying to induce the AGM voting nomenclature in the ANC leadership polls, wherein an investor’s vote is proportionate to respective equity stake holding; influencing the delegates to cast their votes in favour of their worthy puppet Cyril Ramaphosa in lieu to the financial favours which would be bestowed on them by these worthy white capitalists.

How far they would be successful is yet to be seen, as the ANC leadership polls are in fact based on universal adult franchise. The delegates have to choose among Cyril Ramaphosa’s Harvard styled market fundamentalism and Dlamini Zuma’s welfare state. Both the leading members are raging a tough battle, making it difficult to conclude. Nonetheless, whoever wins, what’s clear is that the outcome will have profound implications for South Africa’s most industrialized economy.

“Cyril has not embraced RET, he is actually rubbishing it”, says Mbalula

And in this very pretext Fikile April Mbalula, Minister of Police in the Cabinet of South Africa while speaking to Africa News 24-7 recently, criticized Ramaphosa for opposing Radical Economic Transformation (RET) and appreciated Dlamini Zuma on whom everyone is eyeing for a transition, for she would lead the charge towards the second phase of revolution.

Mbalula targeted Ramaphosa and his ‘New Deal’ which rhetorically favours white capitalists, claiming high on stabilising the South African ailing economy and the market, as soon as he sits on the ANC chair. How just by sitting on the chair can the economy get stabilised and he cannot help in stabilise it now, when he is the Deputy President of ANC? Being a Deputy President that much he owes to the people of South Africa. Calling him an apologist, who keeps appeasing the white monopolies, side-lining the majority, Mbalula like the other ANC members and the natives of South Africa, puts all hopes on Dlamini who is clear on the ANC policy of RET, is a social person and keeps the South Africans before herself.

Let’s take a wider look at the ideologies of Dlamini, a people-friendly person and Ramaphosa, a hardcore businessman and WMC puppet

 Dlamini Zuma Cyril Ramaphosa
 Ideology RET Market Fundamentalism
 Fiscal Policy Expansionary Cost Rationalization
 Union  Budgeting Outlay based Outcome based
 Management  of SOEs Commanding heights Disinvestment and stake sale to WMC
 Taxation  Policy Easy on household sector Easy on white business establishment
 G-20 Stance BRICS US based CIA, FBI, USAID and UK based MI6
 Land  Reforms Land acquisition from whites based on dialogue No action plan
 Banking on Black native majority WMC & White Media
 Experience A doctor by qualification who served as Foreign  Minister and declined the  Deputy President seat  in 2005 Trade unionist turned business leader  turned politician serving as Deputy President  from 2014


The natives bank on Dlamini so do the ANC. But as she says, “It is not done until it’s done”, we need to wait and watch what the ANC polls have in store for South Africans.

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