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ANC At Factional Crossroads; Corrupt Ramaphosa Strategized It

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The largest liberation movement organization in Africa, the African National Congress (ANC) is faced with a difficult moment of truth. As the party gears up to the leadership polls, the biggest challenge to the unity slate comes from WMC elements and corrupt public officials who have for long flourished under the shadows of Cyril Ramaphosa.

Through a well plotted plan active since 1990s, Cyril Ramaphosa has been integrating WMC businessmen and corrupt public officials cutting across the state hierarchy even as he has traversed between intermittent retirement from politics in 1996, venture into business and his consequent welcome back into politics in 2012 by a WMC lobby driven to desperation by Jacob Zuma. Such a plot has weakened the foundations of ANC thus creating factionalism within the party.

CR-NO Collaboration

Cyril’s master plan was to split the ANC from the bottom up, by using WMC money to bribe a faction of dishonest province and branch delegates who shall push him to the top of ANC and consequently coronate him the President of South Africa.

Cyril has strategically implanted corrupt bureaucrats and officials at all levels including the National Treasury, where his obedient stooge Pravin Gordhan is placed. At the provincial levels, his operatives include people like Mcebisi Jonas who have access to strong local level WMC networks and corrupt public officials. Jonas’ motive is to award large state contracts to the WMC businessmen and offer them investable business credit from state coffers that the local WMC bosses never repay, resulting in bad debts for the state and bankruptcy of local public offices. This nexus of local WMC henchmen and corrupt public officials has allowed Cyril Ramaphosa to slowly strengthen his grip on factions in provinces over a period of time.

The best case scenario of such a split in ANC driven by Cyril Ramaphosa’s WMC – public official nexus is seen in Eastern Cape where the exit polls are being polarized in his favour.

Provincial Level Capture by Cyril Ramaphosa

Since the decade of 1990s when Cyril Ramaphosa saw himself as the heir apparent to the throne of the President, his strong arm Mcebisi Jonas, the former Deputy Minister of Finance and MEC initiated a network of WMC nexus at the office of the Eastern Cape Development Council (ECDC) to award parastatal state contracts.

CR-PG-MJ Nexus

Corrupt Network Headed by Mcebisi Jonas in Eastern Cape

Mcebisi Jonas, the field commandant of Cyril Ramaphosa in the Eastern Cape has organized and operated a long standing network of the following WMC tycoons:

Enoch Godongwana

Mcebisi Jonas picked Enoch Godongwana, the then MEC for Finance and Economic Development. Godongwana was rewarded by WMC with the position of MEC in early 1990 and early 2000 during the most difficult period of Gear Economic Policy (GEP). The GEP is today used as a ploy to divide the working class and break its unity slate.

Adrian Gardiner

Adrian Gardiner is a former Rhodesian sell out and wealthy businessman in the hospitality industry who pocketed a hospitality deal financed by Eastern Cape government through ECDC for over R50 million. The deal was finalized in the year 2003, with Jonas approving it as the ECDC CEO and Godongwana as MEC for Finance. ECDC financed the deal for a R50 million debt and never got back a cent turning the entire amount into a bad debt.

John Cerff

Jonas claims John Cerff to be a finance guru though Cerff has no qualification to be a CA. He is not registered at SAICA. Cerff made a deal using public funds of R35 million with Willie Jonker in Western Cape which the latter used for a speculative investment deal. Jonker has never paid back anything to the ECDC.

Jean Du Plessis

Mcebisi Jonas has an acquaintance Jacques Buchner who offers legal advisory, though not a practicing lawyer. Jacques Buchner’s girlfriend Janine Baxter is the CFO at Eastern Cape Rural Development Agency (ECRDA), and controls the lease management, finances and supply chain. All new contracts for lease are awarded to Jean Du Plessis by routing them through the office of Baxter.

Evil Motive Of CR’s Long Term Strategic Plan

Cyril Ramaphosa has very intelligently dabbled with both business and politics throughout his career. The zig-zag path of his career trajectory has premised on collusion with the WMC and implanting corrupt state officials. His 3-step long term strategic plan that he has worked on since his youth is as follows:

  • Maintain a network of public officials like Pravin Gordhan at the National Treasury level to manipulate economic policy discourse at the top of the ANC pyramid and Mcebisi Jonas at the province level. He buys support of branches and provinces in the ANC by funneling money from local WMC henchmen as in Eastern Cape. The provinces are captured.
  • Once the provinces are captured, his corrupt faction of WMC led people and public officials take over all levels of organizational structure at ANC and further the WMC agenda. It creates discord and destabilizes the ANC.
  • Once the ANC is split, Cyril Ramaphosa’s WMC faction in the ANC posits him as the candidate for the South African Presidential elections. Cyril Ramaphosa captures the office of the head of the executive. Regime change is completed.
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  • Philani Lawrence

    The moment Pravin Gordhan publicly supported Cyril Ramaphosa, it was clear that they both are planning this together. A corrupt man supporting another corrupt so that they can easily fulfill their masters’ aim to capture South Africa.

  • Phetoho Kleynhans

    Cyril Ramaphosa must not win if South Africa wants to remain a democratic country. He is known WMC stooge and will sell out this country to the white monopoly capitalists.

  • Philani Lawrence

    For the sake of country, ban Cyril Ramaphosa from contesting any kind of election and launch a probe against him to investigate his role in state capture and Paradise Papers leaks.

  • fredrick mengi

    He has expanded his business empire and now he wishes to win the Presidential race. But he is living in a bubble, he wont ever succeed in his evil plans.

  • Clara

    Ramaphosa has very shrewdly taken hold of our economy and now he wants to tighten his grip so that he can carry out his nefarious activities peacefully. He would never succeed.

  • Thomas

    Ramaphosa is a traitor! he has failed his party and his people! he doesn’t deserve to be our President.