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Exposed: Amabhungane’s Chief Funder ‘George Soros’ Also Finances CIA, FBI Activities

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WMC, since years, has been opting shrewd tactics for regime change in South Africa in order to smear President Jacob Zuma and attain complete supremacy, and primarily with that intention in 2010, WMC added amaBhungane’, a foreign owned and funded organisation to its extensive arsenal of propaganda instruments.

AmaBhungane’, a Centre for Investigative Journalism, is the notorious Sam Sole led white media platform born out of the merger between South African based ‘Weekly Mail’ and the UK based ‘Guardian Newspaper’. It has been revealed to be an undercover for the WMC, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and fake corporate philanthropists like ‘George Soros’.

AmaBhungane, like its master organization CIA, has a double edge identity. In a fresh expose, it has now come to light that American political activist George Soros is funding Amabhungane using at least three different routes so as to help the WMC Stalwarts in #State Capture. We offer you an uncut expose of the dark secrets of the covert political interference of the US based CIA and USAID in South Africa routed via financial speculation of George Soros.

AmaBhungane – Black Ops Under Guise Of Investigative Journalism

AmaBhungane was first set up as a unit within the organizational hierarchy of the white media enterprise ‘Mail & Guardian’. The Mail & Guardian was the South African subsidiary of The Guardian; a tabloid in UK. AmaBhungane is an affiliate of the International Centre for Investigative Journalism based in Washington DC and follows a multi-pronged approach to financial funding from CIA and USAID frontal organizations like OSF and OSISA, both held by George Soros. Soros through his twin frontal “corporate philanthropy” organizations, Open Society Foundation (OSF) and Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) wants to enforce liberalization, privatization and globalization of South African economy to allow a free hand for WMC to exploit it economically.

Amabhungane’s Organizational Structure & Financial Sponsorship Controlled By George Soros

AmaBhungane like its master organization CIA, has a double edge identity. It has a public face of investigative journalism and behind the screens active brain based in US; the CIA and the USAID respectively. The CIA and USAID do not come to the forefront in public unless absolutely necessary, but they plot the financial sponsorship, daily operations of publishing fake political narratives in favour of “transition to democracy” and hatch conspiracies to defame and erode the credibility and mass support of popular people’s leaders like Jacob Zuma who do not allow vested interests of comprador global financial capital from US to permeate the borders of South African economy. Amabhungane’s organizational structure and financial sponsorship is multi-layered, multi-pronged and strategically controlled by numerous financial taps by George Soros.

  1. The International Centre for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ) funds Amabhungane. ICIJ was born out of the Centre for Public Integrity (CPI) through a CIA plan in order to form a think tank in Washington DC to intellectually influence policy discourse in countries targeted by US for state and economy capture. The CPI was funded by the CIA, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation and Open Society Foundation (OSF). George Soros owns OSF.
  2. The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) is the second financial sponsor of AmaBhungane. OSISA is also owned by George Soros. The organizational Structures and financial identities of OSISA and OSF are separate, thus making it more difficult to trace the links unless one realizes that George Soros owns both of them.
  3. Today 10% of the stake in the Mail & Guardian is held by The Guardian. In 2002, The Guardian sold its majority stake to Zimbabwe born media baron Trevor Ncube, a fervent WMC stooge and supporter of the white capitalist bloc. Trevor is known for his efforts to topple the socialist regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Another 10% stake in Amabhungane is held by Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), a CIA frontal agency to influence public perception and people’s opinion against legitimate governments and leaders. The MDIF has 39% stake in Trevor Ncube’s company that holds Mail & Guardian. Interestingly MDIF receives funding from George Soros owned OSF.

There are three financial taps – ICIJ (funded by OSF), MDIF (funded by OSF) & OSISA, owned and sponsored by George Soros to create a large financial corpus for AmaBhungane. It is highly complex and manipulative, and Amabhungane CEO Sam Sole never acknowledges its sponsors in public.

George Soros Collusion with AmaBhungane & WMC In South Africa

The first act of collaboration between Amabhungane and George Soros came in the guise of “Betrayal of a Promise: How South Africa is Being Stolen?“- a fake think tank policy research input against Jacob Zuma produced by the State Capacity Research Project in 2010. The State Capacity Research Project is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and Amabhungane and white media journalists documented fake data and research for the project.

Recently George Soros funded a cartel of white media to publish a fake news campaign called #Gupta Leaks. The white media cartel includes AmaBhungane, Media24, Caxton and Times Media Group. Adriaan Basson, Sam Sole and Susan Comrie, noted white media stooges led this fake news campaign. Adriaan Basson was offered a top management role in Media24.

The fake news against Jacob Zuma was aimed at a credit downgrading of the South African economy to junk status by the rating agencies. This would have allowed George Soros to hoard millions of a weak SA Rand. The plans was to force the SARB and Government of South Africa to go bankrupt. The economic slowdown and collapse would then give the CIA the force of argument for a regime change in South Africa. The new CIA backed WMC controlled government would then liberalize the economy and appeal to IMF and USAID to intervene and drown South Africa in foreign debt.

Notorious Role Of George Soros In Global #EconomyCapture

To the people, Soros is a financial investor engaged in speculation of foreign currencies pegged against the US dollar. But deep within, George Soros is a CIA and USAID agent running political regime change campaigns through OSF and OSISA. Soros has a trail of economy capture and state capture imprints across the globe. Here is a brief history of George Soros veiled political venture capitalism.

  1. Azerbaijan

In 2017, the Government of Azerbaijan found the alleged role of George Soros in fomenting fake news campaigns in order to script political stability in the country. The Government of Azerbaijan has asked George Soros owned OSF to leave.

  1. Currency Crisis 1998 in Thailand

In 1998 George Soros scripted the East Asian currency crisis in Thailand through heavy speculation in Baht against the US Dollar. Soros bought 25 billion Thai Baht against US Dollar at forex rate of 25Baht/1USD. The fixed forex system in Thailand meant that the Government of Thailand kept losing all local currency to Soros until it became bankrupt. Interest rates in Thailand were hiked in response to the forex crisis. The high cost of capital choked investments and economic growth was stalled.

  1. The Malaysia Programme

In 1999, George Soros funded the local media Malaysiakini for a regime change. Soros owned OSF funded Bersih, C4 Malaysia, Empower, Islamic Renaissance Front, Citizen Journalists Malaysia Committee and the Penang Institute with a motive to topple the government. The Malaysian government asked George Soros owned OSF to leave.

  1. Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan, OSF rallied against President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow and in response was banned in the country.

  1. Georgia

In 2003, President Eduard Shevardnadze was toppled in the bloodless Rose Revolution funded by George Soros and supported by the CIA.

  1. Yugoslavia

The Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was toppled in the war against US. The regime change called the “Kosovo Crisis” was funded by George Soros.


‘George Soros’ is a man on a mission to plunder South Africa, and Amabhungane is his vehicle for state capture and economy capture. We, as ethnic black South Africans, have every reason to be wary of his sponsored fake news campaign to topple an honest leader like Jacob Zuma.

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